Gin Gliders – ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW- Should you get a Gin paraglider?

For some, paragliding is just fun, for others is a way of life. For Gin Seok Song, the founder of Gin Gliders, it’s the latter. That’s why his company has been able to create gliders of the highest quality consistently. Whether you are just starting out and having some fun flying around or you’re in it for the long haul, this brand might be exactly what you need.

In 1998, the paraglider and competition pilot Gin Seok Song decided to design his own wings. He built a team of engineers and test pilots, and Gin Gliders was born. The company was created based on a simple premise, design gliders that Gin himself would love to fly. Rightfully so, he believed that if he loved the wings, other pilots would love them too.

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