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Hi, my name is Benoit Bruneau, I am the owner of this online paragliding equipment store. I started flying in 1991 and have been teaching paragliding full time since 1999. In 2008, I founded Let’s Go Paragliding in New York. Throughout the years, I have witnessed the evolution of paragliding and the huge leaps various brands have made in terms of safety, performance and ease of use. During our training sessions, we provided the equipment for our students. We got to see how well the paragliding gear was resisting to beginner abuse; from being dragged on the ground to being left out in the sun. The constant mistreatment of equipment allows us to see which paragliding brands are holding up the best over a few months or years. We use all we have learned to pick and choose our paragliding gear selection in our online store. Through first-hand experience, we know which paragliding equipment has a high level of quality and is reliable in the long run! Enjoy and feel free to contact me for any questions or information.

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