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We provide high quality, durable, lightweight and long lasting paragliding equipment. If you are looking to buy paraglider, reserve parachutes, helmets, harnesses and paramotors, ozone, gin, nova, wing, gear, kit, swing.  We are here to provide you fastest delivery at your home-door. If you have any query contact with us.

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Our founder is an experienced flyer that is providing quality gear at Let’s go paragliding equipment store. Benoit Bruneau has been teaching others about the fascinating and challenging sport of paragliding since 1999. He is certified by the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association as well as the Canadian and French equivalents and was named the United State’s instructor of the year in 2010.

Benoit Bruneau

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What Our Customers Think

Huge selection (including the hard to find items I needed), quick, professional shipping, and all at a competitive price!

I highly recommend this store!

Ryan Winfield

Great Supair helmet, fits well without wobble. Lightweight but not compromising on safety features. Shipped well packed. Liked the personal note. :-) Thank you! Ship a day earlier -- but not a big deal. Happy! Cheers!

Phil Edelmann

Fantastic experience start to finish. Can’t wait to install and hopefully never use my new Beamer 3 reserve ;) Nope, you all were awesome.

Alexander Gray

Benoit, was as always incredibly professional and kind. He has earned himself a repeat customer! Great to work with you as always Benoit!


Understanding the Sky by Dennis Pagen is the weather book I've always wished for. I've always been fascinated by the complexity of the atmosphere, especially on the micro scale. As a beginning paraglider student, it is not only interesting but essential to comprehend all the forces that cause air movement in the places your wing will be. It's the knowledge that will enable me to progress as a safe and competent pilot. Thanks Benoit for your awesome deals.! Well package and quickly delivered. Love doing business with you.

Todd W Trierweiler

Haven’t used it yet. Looks like very high quality!

Thomas Atkins

I purchased a syride sysnav xl. Price was the cheapest out of all the dealers I've researched. Ordering was simple, and the order arrived early. It was a nice surprise to find a handwritten note thanking me for my purchase. Would definitely order from here again.

Tim Duong

I did not see e-card available on the website so contacted the owner, Benoit. Appreciated Benoit's customer service as I had an e card soon after! Much appreciated!

Dee Nuding

Great service and goods


Love the products they're very great also the service is outstanding No nothing at all

Kenneth brunnemer

Shipping was prompt and Received the item quickly!

Fred Morris

They were very easy to deal with. They responded right away to my questions . If they didn't have the product in stock they were good letting me know when they would get it in. I will use them again when I need more paragliding equipment.

bill hofmann

Benoit was incredibly helpful and professional - assisted me in ordering the right harness and everything arrived as advertised. Will definitely use again! Thank you sir!.


I bought a well priced 2nd hand wing and received it as described and in a timely manner. It was also nice to see some due diligence from the paragliding equipment team in checking with me that the wing suited my experience.

Jeff Green, MD

Just Excellent! Great service and support.


Excellent communication from the team at Let’s go Paragliding! Benoit kept me updated throughout and was there to answer questions and provide unbiased information. Nope, excellent service it was!

Tye Harvey

Reasonable prices, good communication. Let's Go Paragliding did everything to make my experience as smooth as possible even in this crazy COVID time. No. Everything is good!

Sergey Yermolayev a.k.a. Wingpilot

Products can be had at many sites, however, it's not all that common when the owner drops in a hand written note (pencil), not some printed thing thank you for the purchase. In sales it is all about the post sale follow up, which was done nicely! Thanks Benoit!

Nils Carson

Fast friendly service.. excellent products..free shipping.. and most importantly, they seem really appreciate my business.. No, nothing.

Michael J Smith

Very good and professional one on one customer service. I needed to know availability on a product and not only was the owner helpful and professional helping me but also super polite and you can tell he wanted to make sure I was content with my merchandise. Thank you.

Nelson Mendoza

Great product, and you resolved a question I had really fast, and then shipped quick! Thanks so much!

Carl Sjoquist

Legit, trustworthy, and professional. A+

Andrew Croston

Great experience. Thanks for your help Highly recommend

Carlos Pons

Quick delivery of the product, and good communication. Item is as advertised. When this product delivery was expected to be delayed, I received a phone call from Benoit Bruneau as well as an Email,asking if I still wanted the product. After my reply, the item arrived in a few days. All good

David Ziegler

Good communication and timely delivery The owner called me personally to tell me that there would be a slight delay. I received the product only a few days later. No, all good

David Ziegler

Best online store I have ever used. fast delivery and very friendly and coprative team.


Review of product and service:

Benoit Bruneau at letsgoparagliding.com is my first choice for paragliding supplies. I have placed several orders over the past year and have always received personal and excellent customer service. For big-ticket things, precautions are taken to confirm my ID and verify that nobody is making unauthorized use of my credit card. The items I have ordered have been packed securely and shipped promptly. Each package has included a hand-written tone from Benoit thanking me for my business and offering continued service. I recently ordered a SUPAIR Step glider and received it within two weeks. The wing and its associated equipment arrived exactly as ordered and in perfect condition. I have flown it about 8 hours in the past week in conditions from calm morning stillness to gusty and thermic afternoon air. Forward and reverse inflation launches with the Step are as easy as with any other B glider I have flown. In-flight, turning is one characteristic of the Step stands out to me. It feels very agile as you apply weight shift and controls to transition from straight flight and easily maintain the established turn rate. It continues nicely without tendency to dive or roll out of the turn. Even turbulent thermals are easier to core because the wing responds so precisely to weight shift and control inputs. The glider feels solid on speed bar and I can make most pitch corrections with the loops on the C-risers. Compared to the responsive control toggles, heading changes using the C-handles seem quite lethargic. Active air requires active flying but I never experienced any anxious moments with regard to collapses. In turbulence, I would sometimes sense a tip feeling soft but with a bit more control pressure it would pop back to work. In 8 hours of flying, I am impressed by how enjoyable and reassuring the Step is in flight. Benoit, thanks again for your exceptional customer service and attention to detail.
Deor Jenson

Deor Jenson

Finally got a chance to take out my Groundhog. First of all, great customer service, online help answered all my questions in minutes. My order actually arrived a day sooner than I expected. The Groundhog quality is top notch in my opinion and I was kiting in no time. I am a newby and was not finding days that allowed me to kite my full size wing due to stronger than desired winds but this kite does great in 10+ mph winds. I am sure it is going to get much use as many of my friends are expressing interest in giving it a try. -Steve from Austin Tx.

Steve Schriber

Finally got a chance to take out my Groundhog. First of all, great customer service, online help answered all my questions in minutes. My order actually arrived a day sooner than I expected. The Groundhog quality is top notch in my opinion and I was kiting in no time. I am a newby and was not finding days that allowed me to kite my full size wing due to stronger than desired winds but this kite does great in 10+ mph winds. I am sure it is going to get much use as many of my friends are expressing interest in giving it a try. -Steve from Austin Tx.

Steve Schriber

Personal service, the kind you find here with Benoit is a rarity these days. I will be getting all my gear from here. Our ozone groundhog arrived today my daughter is so excited...Thank you Benoit
Christopher Samuels

Christopher SAMUELS



Yong-Pil Kim

I had a great experience with Let’s Go Paragliding. They were quick to process my order and the items arrived as promised.

Highly recommended!

Stu Greene

The service was incredible. I got a call on the same day the products were purchased to confirm that all equipment was already packed and ready to be shipped. I also made a request for a helmet that were not in stock and I kept being updated on the status of the product. I received everything on the time stipulated and as it was described on the website. I really appreciate all the help and time from the paraglinding team on handling my purchase.

I highly recommend this website. I will definitely come back next time I replace my wing or do an upgrade on my altimeter.

Jefferson Breitenbuecher

fantastic service from Benoit! Shipped item very quickly. I highly recommend!

Highly recommend!

mike green

Hi Benoit, I just wanted to leave a review and let you know how excellent our experience was with you! The gear arrived extremely fast and was exactly what we were looking for, at an amazing price! We couldn't find the items anywhere else, but your store had them! Thank you so much and we will definitely be doing business with you again in the future! Cheers, Justin and Laura


Great. No issues. Thanks for offering a discount on the vario I bought.

I have told many people about your shop. You tend to have the different brands that C9 out in Draper doesnt offer.

Mark Haase

Great experience. Thanks for your help

Highly recommend

Keith Hutchinson

Personable, fantastic. people are the lifeblood of paragliding. Almost nothing in the sport is fine or satisfied without the presence of kind, enthusiastic people to help you at every stage. Purchasing equipment is no different, especially when you are ordering products from far away. I’ve ordered a Verio last year and it arrive timely, and with a very friendly handwritten note from owner Benoit. I actually love the Verio, which is the sis one from Sirod. It is small, light, fit anywhere on your equipment easily, or on your wrist, and you hardly know it is there. At the same time it is functional and sensitive as any Verio, fully adjustable, And audibly gives you no more and no less the information that you need In terms of vertical speed. The price was good and I was very happy with the purchase. Many months later the device developed a small problem during battery change, which did not concern me because of the 10 year warranty. I notified Benoit and he immediately advised to return it to him for a replacement. The return process was seamless, and Benoit stayed in touch with me throughout, to make sure I knew that he had received my return and the status of the replacement that he immediately turned around and sent out. With the new device came another nice note (he had tested everything to make sure it was perfect) and a coupon for future. I would definitely buy from this online store again. Please note, the address has moved from New York to Colorado. Thanks paraglidingequipment.com!


T Wolf

Excellent! Benoit took the time to answer my every question and was efficient and kind.

Definitely! This is a great online paragliding store!

Janyce Collins

Excellent purchasing experience - Benoit was a pleasure to work with.

I would definitely recommend Paragliding Equipment for purchasing paragliders and paragliding gear.

Fred Leonard


I would recommend your company highly

Randal A Wilson

Good service Benoit est vraiment super, pour des vêtements je trouve ca compliqué, après avoir utilisé mon habit gin une fois , je trouve trop juste.... donc, je crois pas recommander des vêtements par le web....

oui pour des pieces d'équipement ou électronique. .

Hugues Riopelle

Great communication, great support... Just perfect. Highly recommended..

Perichon luis Eduardo

excellent product and great service

I recommend

Marcelo Adalton Pedro

Very good! Quick response to questions and prompt shipping.


Louis Serrano

It was a positive experience and I appreciated efforts to get a properly sized helmet for me.

Absolutely. I may consider a trike as I get older and my knees get more worn out!

Corbin Krug



Joseph nolte


Yes, I would, no doubt

Magnus Precht

Excellent experience. I'll definitely look to you guys again for my next purchase. You greatly exceeded my expectations of customer service.

I would recommend you guys highly to any paragliders I know. I was recommended by a friend who spoke highly of his first purchase here, and I wasn't disappointed.

Christopher Lloyd

Ordered a new helmet with no problems. Arrived very quickly. Excellent service. 👏👏👏


outstanding. I couldn't be happier to get such great customer service in today's day and age. hand written thank you is over the top. Thank you so much for figuring out shipping to alaska for me.


Alex DeYoung

I have bought 3 wings / harnesses and just about all the incidental gear (vario, helmets, rescue chute apparrel) from Benoit and always get great advice regarding safety and performance.

I would say contact them, you can't go wrong. Easy to work with and great follow up if needed! Benoit is a long time instructor and is a pilots pilot.

Bill champagne



Anton Volkov

Excellent transaction, rocket delivery. Thanks for the service!


Yuriy Degtyarev

Excellent. Good communication. Glider I purchased was in near new condition for 1/2 the price of new.

Highly recommended. Even if you live nowhere near NY (I live in CA), you can trust them to give you a square deal.


Great! I love your commitment to customer service and attention to detail.


Jay Zollinger

curtious, prompt professional and knowledgeable

In too many Industries you find a lack of professionalism, knowledge and customer service and paragliding is no exception. That's wasn't the case with these folks. I highly recommend giving them a shot on any paragliding equipment needs.

Joe d

Good. While I was not able to get the equipment that I wanted since it was out of stock, I very much appreciated the prompt feedback and refund from the store, as well as an alternative option that was recommended. That denotes a business ethic that is commendable and increases my inclination to pursue future purchases from the store. For a recommendation, it would have been helpful to know when the item may have come back in stock from the store. It would have informed whether or not I waited to purchase it from the store, or pursued the alternate recommended option.

Good. So far, I have told folks about my experience above verbally, which I think is very positive, despite not having the item in stock.

Krista Auchenbach

Unfortunately, I have new equipment for paramotorno fly or new experiences always come in handy.

you can not say anything because I did not even buy from you or offers on the site are super and a great choice

Mario Jelušić

expensive but they work



Great! The hand warmers are the perfect accessory to winter flying and a must for all. Thanks!

If flying high, or winter flying, theses are a must have!

Robert Stone

Great, they provided quick responses and when the item wasn't what was shown on the website they quickly issued a refund.

I would recommend ParaglidingEquipment.com to my friends.

Nick Abey

thanks for asking ,but actually i could not purchase and pay online so i called and they send me an email then it happened.

you need to fix the web!!!!!!

farhad geramipoor

Quick response and very quick delivery. Highly recommended.

Sebastien Roberto

​Howdy....I got the Woody Valley Exact harness today AND LOVE IT!

It fit's fine & I even went out and hung under a tree in freezing weather for a few minutes 🙂

​Thanks for the deal & the very fast shipping too.

​I really appreciate that. By the way, I am still using the Vario I bought from you too.

Sincerely, Tommy Thompson

Tommy Thomson Paraglider Pilot

My experience with the purchase of equipment was very good, very clear and as if it is a family or friends treatment.

I would recommend it as a safe, reliable, fast and clear service.

Carlos Alberto Solla Magliocca Paramotor pilot

Recently I bought paragliding equipment the price was very competitive. The merchandise came on time

I will definitely buy again from paraglidingEquipment.com.

I would recommend this paragliding store to my friends.

Shmuel Sin Paraglider and Paramotor pilot

I'm 100% happy with my experience. Everything about my order went well. The price of the book was good (even slightly lower than Amazon), which is why I chose your store. The media shipping option was affordable. The handwritten note that came with the book was the best part though :) thanks!

Zia Ghiasi

Purchase via eBay went great, the ground handling dvd has some good info in it. Now that I have discovered your online shop, my only complaint is now moot. The use of eBay's global shipping is enough to make most international buyers not shop. They instantly double the cost of shipping, but I could not find another source for that dvd, it's a small object so what the hell. Many eBay sellers are moving away from the global system, as many buyers won't buy from sellers who use it. Normally I am one of those buyers. I was saddened that I could not purchase some of your other items, but no longer, I found your shop! I will be back! I would definitely recommend your website and online store!

Gord Hay

Great and reliable service with a personal note.

Volker Fischer

I liked the professionalism and good service of the store, congratulations!


This was my first order with Let’s Go Paragliding and it went perfectly. My items shipped fast and were accurate. I will definitely order from again .

Lee B.

Great personalized customer service. Will use again for my paragliding gear needs.


Good price, great service! Benoit has been in the industry for a while so he knows what he is doing, and it shows! Highly recommended.

Eduardo Garza

I had a great purchasing experience. Benoist emailed me right after the purchase to confirm the order and got the shipment to me as fast as you could expect. I had no issues because I was dealing directly with Benoist not some “fulfillment center.”

This is high quality gear from a high quality group that treats the customer as a client not as a profit source. I highly recommend using them.

Bruan Keeley

I have a excellent experience …. I will definitely be doing business with you again !
Thank you for your help ! I Highly recommend !

Alex DaCunha


Awesome product works great. Totally worth it. Here is another shot


Love the chase camera. I provided a small video link of the product using a hero 9. Simple easy design https://youtube.com/shorts/zAspBNm1ZeU?si=Bd71Ny9rUju58e-H


Amazing service. I had a clinic in 2 weeks and was worried that I wouldn't get the flight deck in time. I actually got an email after ordering that they would make sure it got here. It did and I appreciate the quality of service.


Great product and timely shipping! Thank you!


Fast and easy. My order shipped fast and included a had written thank you.


Everything was perfect. Got my gloves, all well

Shlomo Friedlander

5⭐️’s. Received exactly what I ordered in a timely manner at a great price. The best part is the personal thank you note. I will continue to buy from Benoist.


Good gear delivered quickly, customer service questions handled quickly as well

Bill F.

Excellent service and follow up with my post purchase question.

Bill M

Process was smooth fast shipping great experience

Michael Garrison


Stanislav Aliakrinski

Ordered one harness carabiner, shipping was fast, the product was as advertised. Good service.

Scott Ziegler

I ordered a helmet and it came very quickly. When I discovered it did not fit, I was able to easily return it for a refund. This business is very responsive and I will be happy to use them again in the future.

Dave Nutter

I had a short trip to the US and would like to buy a Syride XL while staying in a hotel. Benoist was quite responsive and helpful. He arranged an expedited shipment, and I received the device before I left there. I haven't been able to fly with the Syride XL yet, but It seems like a good fit for me. Thanks!

Ahmet Alper Tecimer

Great communication and product description and availability of the flying self locking carbineers I needed badly!! Will use this service again for more specific paragliding gear


I placed a last-minute order before a trip with a wild hope that it would arrive in time, and it did! I appreciated the fast service and personal touch of a hand-written note, definitely a company i would do business with again!

Christopher Koppl

Got it quickly in just a couple days with very inexpensive shipping. I can’t wait to study the manual and get back hang gliding real soon.

Wade Stewart

Good communications, good value and great product. I'm a happy customer.

Myles Connolly

Easy communication and on time shipping. Well packaged. Could not have asked for more.

Russ Polishchuk

Top of the line products plus customer service.

Steve Marangi

From time of order, they were very prompt in sending the helmets out

Nothing I can think of. We were happy with your service.

Julian vincenzo

Super fast shipping and the products were exactly what I needed. Got my first flight on my tandem and the carabineers worked perfectly and the spreader bars are simple and got the job done. I appreciated the little hand written note inside the shipment as well. All in all great experience ordering gear here.

Lukas bradshaw

Excellent. Communication was great, the product arrived well packaged with a handwritten note and some cool stickers!

Josh Flenniken

The service was excellent, delivery was on time. The handwritten thankyou note was a special touch.

Bradley Blows

5 stars Benoit. Fast and easy,

Slawomir Pasieczny

Great customer service, love my helmet, super light weight and comfortable, was informed promptly regarding stock and when I would be receiving it. Great communication from this company, and will definitely order another here soon. Thank you

Robert Wilson

Hi Benoit,
Thank you for your dedication and answers
both products I ordered were received in perfect conditions
I really appreciate it
Best regards

Felipe Maior

Excellent service and great products.

Matthew D Waggener

I ordered a reserve connection set with 7mm steel screw connectors and neoprene sleeves. The materials arrived as expected. Given that I am intending to use them to connect my reserve parachute to my harness, I hope to never find out anything about their quality.

Steve Teller

Harness is well constructed, easy to use, comfortable and light. Plus it looks really nice. Fast response and delivery. No. The handwritten note was a nice personal touch. I'll order again from letsgoparaglding in the future!

Nathan Walker

Great First flight after buying my Beamer, had my first reserve toss. Avoided a forest and a few boulders. Walked away and flew the next day. Thanks for saving my bacon


Just wanted to express a heart felt “Thank You” to Benoit Bruneau and the Let’s Go Paragliding team for keeping me updated on the progress and estimated delivery of my new wing. The Supair Eona 3 is such a pleasure to own and the price was quite pleasing as well. I will be addressing a much needed harness upgrade with you guys very soon.

Scott Pittner

It was most excellent. I'm color blind and needed a wind sock that was not the common red/orange as I have trouble seeing them against the grass. Benoit got me this beautiful Apco in black/white with blue tip that I'll be able to see from space. It is lovely, thank you! Keep up the fine work!

Derek Wolf

Always a pleasure ordering through Let's Go Paragliding! Awesome products and personal service. Thank you! No.

Denis Fitts

Great prices and prompt delivery. Purchases make my paragliding experience that much better!

Michael Heninger

Prompt service appreciated

Eck Zimmermann

Purchased a Advance Easiness 3 and Benoit was great to work with! He and the staff promptly returned my queries. Within a few days my new harness arrived and I'm excited to get out and fly with it. Thanks Let's Go Paragliding!

Daniel Coslic

Exceptional service and products!!! Prompt response and excellent customer service. Couldn't be happier.

Tracy Wood

Before I placed my order I knew there would be a 6 week wait time on all ozone wings but Benoist kept me well informed on the manufacturing progress of my wing and it's shipment updates which eased my tensions. Not only did I get the newest gen that I was unaware about but also the newest stock color that I like even more! The wing came properly packed with all sorts of extra little items. Thanks again Benoist! Not at all!

Ryan Gill

I ordered the Syride Sys'NavXL from Let's Go Paragliding. Communication with Benoit was easy and the product delivered quickly. I am very pleased with this vario. Easy to use yet powerful. No

Karim Hamdi

Lightweight and well made. Fast Shipping amazing site to buy your paragliding equipments.


Great customer service. products came new and sealed great quality . Quick delivery . Website was super easy to navigate and check out was a breeze

Alfredo Cruz

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Let’s Go Paragliding was born out of a passion for the sport from enthusiasts who loved to try and test all of the brands against each other. We wanted to showcase what we believe to be the top products that paragliders should be considering when buying their new equipment.

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While there are tons of pieces of equipment & accessories that you can utilize to enhance your paragliding experience we have collected a few key items that we believe to be essential for every paraglider. These items include the paraglider, harness, paragliding helmet, safety reserve shoot, sun glasses, and suspension & break ropes

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One of the amazing elements about getting into paragliding is it offers an extensive range of products to fit every customer’s budget. From beginner gliders to to advanced sports gliders enthusiast sporting gear there is a range of products to fit your needs. The average price of a paraglider can typically range from low $2,000’s to $6,000, with the average mid range glider costing $3,500. Read Our Blog THE COST OF PARAGLIDING: BEGINNERS GUIDE


Statistically paragliding is as safe as driving.

Only 1 in 11,000 flyers die a year from paragliding making the sport safer than motorcycles, horseback riding and even driving!

The most important element to improving safety does not come down to the weather conditions, or wind that day. The main element actually comes down to the confidence and mental preparedness of the flyer in the paraglider. The best way to prepare yourself mentally for paragliding is to learn from an experienced paraglider.


Well it is widely known that you should avoid flying in the rain. However it is possible to fly in light to moderate conditions. There is a potential danger for paragliders to enter the parachutal stall which can create difficulties for the flyers depending on the severity of the rain.

Paragliding is a self regulated sport under the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association. This means that there is no license required to launch and fly a paraglider in America.

You will receive an email confirmation of your order. Most email receipts are received within fifteen minutes. If you do not immediately receive your receipt, please allow up to twenty-four hours for it to be delivered before contacting us. If you have not received your receipt, please also check your SPAM folder, as it may have been automatically stopped and moved into your SPAM or Junk Mail folder instead of being sent to your inbox.

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