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Great! The hand warmers are the perfect accessory to winter flying and a must for all. Thanks!

If flying high, or winter flying, theses are a must have!

Robert Stone



​Howdy....I got the Woody Valley Exact harness today AND LOVE IT!

It fit's fine & I even went out and hung under a tree in freezing weather for a few minutes 🙂

​Thanks for the deal & the very fast shipping too.

​I really appreciate that. By the way, I am still using the Vario I bought from you too.

Sincerely, Tommy Thompson

Tommy Thomson Paraglider Pilot

My experience with the purchase of equipment was very good, very clear and as if it is a family or friends treatment.

I would recommend it as a safe, reliable, fast and clear service.

Carlos Alberto Solla Magliocca Paramotor pilot

Recently I bought paragliding equipment the price was very competitive. The merchandise came on time

I will definitely buy again from

I would recommend this paragliding store to my friends.

Shmuel Sin Paraglider and Paramotor pilot

Great, they provided quick responses and when the item wasn't what was shown on the website they quickly issued a refund.

I would recommend to my friends.

Nick Abey

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