Jay Zollinger

Great! I love your commitment to customer service and attention to detail.



Hi Benoit, I just wanted to leave a review and let you know how excellent our experience was with you! The gear arrived extremely fast and was exactly what we were looking for, at an amazing price! We couldn't find the items anywhere else, but your store had them! Thank you so much and we will definitely be doing business with you again in the future! Cheers, Justin and Laura

mike green

fantastic service from Benoit! Shipped item very quickly. I highly recommend!

Highly recommend!

Ryan Winfield

Huge selection (including the hard to find items I needed), quick, professional shipping, and all at a competitive price!

I highly recommend this store!

Joe d

curtious, prompt professional and knowledgeable

In too many Industries you find a lack of professionalism, knowledge and customer service and paragliding is no exception. That's wasn't the case with these folks. I highly recommend giving them a shot on any paragliding equipment needs.

Janyce Collins

Excellent! Benoit took the time to answer my every question and was efficient and kind.

Definitely! This is a great online paragliding store!

Christopher Lloyd

Excellent experience. I'll definitely look to you guys again for my next purchase. You greatly exceeded my expectations of customer service.

I would recommend you guys highly to any paragliders I know. I was recommended by a friend who spoke highly of his first purchase here, and I wasn't disappointed.


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