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Whether you are looking to buy used paramotors, backpacks, powered parachutes, paragliding harnesses, or any other type of Paragliding Equipment – we are at your service! Our website promises to bring advanced paragliding accessories for customers especially locally in the USA to improve your flight experience.  Check out new products, seasonal promotions, and overstock discounts today!

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We provide high quality, durable, lightweight and long lasting paragliding equipment. If you are looking to buy paraglider, reserve parachutes, helmets, harnesses and paramotors, ozone, gin, nova, wing, gear, kit, swing.  We are here to provide you fastest delivery at your home-door. If you have any query contact with us.


Our founder is an experienced flyer that is providing quality gear at Let’s go paragliding equipment store. Benoit Bruneau has been teaching others about the fascinating and challenging sport of paragliding since 1999. He is certified by the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association as well as the Canadian and French equivalents and was named the United State’s instructor of the year in 2010.

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faq about paragliding

Let’s Go Paragliding was born out of a passion for the sport from enthusiasts who loved to try and test all of the brands against each other. We wanted to showcase what we believe to be the top products that paragliders should be considering when buying their new equipment.

Let’s Go Paragliding is a paraglider’s first business. From our owners, to our employees we all share the passion for paragliding. So if you are ever unsure about a product, technique or even location we ask that you don’t hesitate to reach out to us as we would love to assist you in every way possible!

While there are tons of pieces of equipment & accessories that you can utilize to enhance your paragliding experience we have collected a few key items that we believe to be essential for every paraglider. These items include the paraglider, harness, paragliding helmet, safety reserve shoot, sun glasses, and suspension & break ropes

One of the amazing elements about getting into paragliding is it offers an extensive range of products to fit every customer’s budget. From beginner sets to enthusiast sporting gear there is a range of products to fit your needs. You can also utilize the paragliding community as well that offer amazing discounts on popular products for someone looking to just get their first footing in the sport.

Statistically paragliding is as safe as driving.

Only 1 in 11,000 flyers die a year from paragliding making the sport safer than motorcycles, horseback riding and even driving!

The most important element to improving safety does not come down to the weather conditions, or wind that day. The main element actually comes down to the confidence and mental preparedness of the flyer in the paraglider. The best way to prepare yourself mentally for paragliding is to learn from an experienced paraglider.

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