When you’re up in the air, taking in that bird’s eye view of the landscape, you don’t want to be thinking about paragliding gear. Paragliders need to deliver safety and performance, so you can enjoy your flight and focus on what truly matters to you. That’s precisely Nova’s approach to designing and manufacturing paragliders.

At home, on his mother’s sewing machine, Hannes Papesh made his first wing in 1989. Then, he took it for a flight at the local training hill, in Innsbruck, Austria and it worked. Right then and there, the CXC performance wing was born and so was Nova Performance Paragliders.[showhide more_text=”Read More About Nova Paraglider” less_text=”Read Less (%s Less Words)” hidden=”yes”]

Papesh was ahead of his time, and even in the late ’80s, he started designing his paragliders on a computer in the University of Innsbruck. Though there was still much to be done by hand, it was unusual for the industry. That same year, the first Paragliding World Championship was held in Austria, and Nova officially joined the paragliding industry.

Currently, Nova’s production facility is located in Pécs, Hungary, while its headquarters is located in Terfens, Austria. As one would imagine, the facility is packed with state-of-the-art equipment, including modern laser cutters and an experienced staff that inspects every wing to make sure they pass Nova’s standardized, high-quality control. During the manufacturing process, the Nova team also takes time to analyze new material to keep innovating.

For Nova, quality is a cycle of processes, which starts with the right idea and goes all the way to their comprehensive customer support. Throughout the process, they focus on development and testing, serial production with regular inspections, and a fantastic network of dealers.

Their goal when it comes to quality is providing pilots with the right wings for them. Having just the best wing won’t cut it if it’s not right for you.

Nova’s founders, Hannes Papesh, Hermann Habe, and Toni Bender have one mission – provide safe and high-performance paragliders so that pilots can enjoy their flights. To them, paragliding is freedom. That’s what motivates Nova to keep creating amazing paragliding gear for all pilots. Whether you’re an acro ace or a complete beginner, Nova will have something for you.

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