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MENTOR 6 – Extend your Range High-Tech for the EN B Class (EN/LTF B)

For many years the MENTOR series has been synonymous with top performance in the EN B class. The MENTOR 6 continues this tradition, complementing the strengths of its predecessors with innovations that enhance its performance even more. Broaden your horizons with the master in its class.


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Inner values. What makes the MENTOR 6 so special is the increased accelerated glide, smooth trailing edge, new risers, durable but lightweight cloth, aerodynamically optimised 3D-shaped seams and an intuitive handling with less brake pressure. We decided not to place any limitations on our ambition and have added many detailed solutions which are completely new to the EN B class. A sports intermediate for cross-country and fun flying, the MENTOR 6 will help you to reach your goals faster – especially when accelerated. The Thermik magazine puts it this way in its test report: “Thanks to its extraordinary feedback in upper speed-range, the wing virtually invites 8- to 10-hour XC-flights, while the pilot pushes the bar uncompromisingly and achieves very high average speed – the ultimate XC-machine!
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The MENTOR promise. Maintaining the same aspect ratio and high degree of passive safety, in comparison to the MENTOR 5 we have been able to improve the glide performance and the handling. We were able to achieve both with the use of innovative features such as Zig-Zag 3D-Shaping, the innovative Mini-Rib Vector Tape, Double-B Splits and newly designed risers. The MENTOR 6 handling is very intuitive, it has pleasantly light brake pressure and when circling in a thermal it is both teacher and a wing you can really crank in. The design work on this glider covered the minutest detail but we still recognised the bigger picture: a reworked curvature and a smooth trailing edge when braking give the MENTOR 6 the final polish.
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Smart details. Often it is the small changes which have a big impact on the satisfaction we have with a paraglider. On the MENTOR 6 we used internal mini-rib seams and improved cloth to ensure the wing is more resilient and durable when it is in contact with the ground. Another added bonus are the Ronstan ball bearing pulleys on the speed-system, which reduce the effort when accelerating. Additionally, the differentiated A3 riser transmission ensures an optimised wing twist in accelerated flight which makes the wing more stable.


Short and compact

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Zig-Zag 3D-Shaping. As well as the double 3D-shaped seams, there is an additional diagonal 3D-shaped seam on every cell. This forms a striking zig-zag pattern. This seam doesn’t run in the direction of the spanwise force. This means the seam runs more cleanly and is more aerodynamically advantageous. This feature reduces creases on the leading edge.
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Mini-Rib Vector Tape. Mini-ribs increase the number of cells in the rear wing area and thus provide an aerodynamically more favourable trailing edge. In the MENTOR 6 there is an additional vector tape traversing through a hole in each mini-rib. This tape reduces the crease that is created when braking. In this way both the climb rate and handling are improved. Additionally, there is a brake gathering system on the trailing edge. This means that the MENTOR 6 has a clean, smooth trailing edge even when brake is applied.
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Double-B splits. Similar to the double-A splits in two-liners, the double-B splits allow for a better load distribution in the chord direction. This means more stability and fewer creases between the individual line areas.
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New risers. The MENTOR 6 risers are a redesign of the Speedbrake Riser. They ensure that the B-line area is also shortened when the C-line area is pulled during accelerated flight. The advantage is that the when using C-steering, there is no performance-limiting crease between the B-line and C-line areas, which is otherwise typical in three-liners. The MENTOR 6 is delivered with these new risers, so there is no need to additionally install the Speedbrake Risers. The new riser is practical and fits comfortably in your hand, whether you are ground handling or preparing to launch.Read more about the risers in our News & Stories section.

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Ergonomic brake handles. We have developed new brake handles, and the MENTOR 6 is the first wing to be fitted with them. They have an ergonomic shape and are comfortable to use.

Pilot target group

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The MENTOR 6 is a paraglider with impressive performance which has – in the hands of an experienced pilot – a very manageable handling and extreme flight behaviour. Flying the MENTOR 6 does require a level of skill. Although certified as EN B, the MENTOR 6 is not suitable for beginners and occasional pilots. But any pilot with the ambition to advance their sound flying knowledge to another level will find a perfect partner in the MENTOR 6. Particularly experienced cross-country pilots who like to fly at top speed for long flights will love the enhanced performance of this glider.Would you like to know if this is the right wing for you or would you like to test fly one? In both cases the best person to contact is your local NOVA dealer.


csm cross country m6 0dae2416c5
Cross Country published a detailed review of the MENTOR 6 and MENTOR 6 Light. You can download the full review here (PDF in English). Thanks to Cross Country for the permission.Conclusion:

“Your brain is your most formidable flying instrument, and the Mentor 6 and Mentor 6 Light will allow you to use it at full capacity. Secure and reassuring – with loads of performance in the tank – this is a wing that could take you all the way from evening floater to XC legend. There are always moments when you want more speed, more glide, but a pilot flying at 100% will always fly their best flight. This wing will enable a huge number of pilots to get to that level – and to do it with a feeling of safety, comfort and control.”

Technical data

DimensionXXS LightXSSML
Number of cells59
Projected spanm8,58,99,49,810,2
Projected area18,220,222,224,226,2
Projected aspect ratio3,9
Flat spanm10,811,411,912,413,0
Flat area21,523,826,228,530,9
Flat aspect ratio5,43
Line diametermm0,7 / 0,8 / 1,0 / 1,2 / 1,3
Line lengthm6,46,77,17,47,7
Total line lengthm235248260271282
Max. chordm2,462,592,712,832,95
Min. chordm0,440,470,490,510,53
Recommended take off weightkg60-8070-9080-10090-110100-130
Certification (EN/LTF)BBBBB





Light as a feather and robust.Very light but still durable: Light weight NOVA wings weigh little but are still robust enough to withstand the hard conditions of the mountains. The profiles are made out of durable cloth, so that this highly-stressed component does not deform – like it can with ultra-light material. This means we are able to guarantee consistent flying characteristics.


Under pressure.NOVA Air Scoop is an optimised air intake, which increases the internal wing pressure. NOVA’s Air Scoop principle is similar to the ram-air inlet duct on a sports car: increased airflow produces higher pressure. Higher internal pressure in a paraglider means improved performance through increased structural stability and collapse resistance.

3D shaping

Flat profile nose. Anyone who tries to fold a piece of paper around a ball will notice that there are always creases. The nose profile of a paraglider is the same – the sail cloth has to adjust to both the profile and ballooning effect (cells are round, not straight). Double 3D Shaping uses additional seams to reduce creasing and therefore increases the performance of the wing.


Optimised cell widths. Smart Cells counteract the variable force distribution within the wing that are caused by the line attachments. In NOVA paragliders constructed using SmartCells, the cell widths have been adapted to the load – basically, intelligent cells. Wings with SmartCells fly more calmly, are more compact and glide better.

easy packing r

Comfort on the ground. All NOVA paragliders are made to be easy to use. For packing you can use a concertina bag, but it is not essential. Our extensive experience with rods has taught us that the packing method has little influence on the durability of the wing. Bent rods quickly spring back into their original shape.

Three Liner

Less is more. Our idea of a three-liner with a reduced amount of line length allows us to construct wings with very good performance and a high degree of passive safety. The way we have conceptualised the lines has made it possible to manufacture wings which are collapse resistant; but when they do collapse, the collapsed area is generally less extensive. This significantly improves the wing’s extreme flight behaviour.



MENTOR 6 - Extend your Range


MENTOR 6 - Extend your Range


According to the DGAC (France), the MENTOR 6 will be registered for powered flight. The glider is suitable for both free flying and paramotoring. You can find the certification documents in the Downloads section. Especially for powered flight, we have developed a riser with two mounts. It is suitable for two different hook-in heights.
MENTOR 6 - Extend your Range


Leading edge:Dominico 30DMF, 41 g/m2
Top surface:Skytex 27 CII, 29g/m2
Lower surface:Skytex 27 CI, 27g/m2
Profile ribs (suspended):Skytex 32 Hard, 32g/m2
Profile ribs (unsuspended):Skytex 27 Hard, 27g/m2
Main lines:Liros PPSL191 / Edelrid A8000-U120
Gallery lines:Edelrid A8000-U50/70/90
Brake lines:Edelrid A7850-240 /A8000U120/90/50
Risers:Kevlar 12mm


Additional information

Weight5 lbs

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