NOVA DOUBLESKIN – Minimalist hike & fly Three-Liner | Cells: 33 | Aspect Ratio: 4.4 | Weight: 2.1 kg – Size 17 (EN/LTF A)

The DOUBLESKIN is the lightest paraglider in the world* with top and under surface (2.1 kg / size 17). It has a very small pack size and is a delight in the air thanks to better aerodynamics compared to a single-surface wing. With the DOUBLESKIN walking up is as enjoyable as flying and landing!

(*by same flat surface area, with EN-certification, with the Ultralight Riser and without taking single-skin wings into account. As: 06/19)

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One for all. One for all. The DOUBLESKIN has been designed to allow a flying experience without any compromises. Due to the light construction it combines the advantages of a single-surface wing with the optimal flying characteristics of a glider with an under surface. Ultra-light fabrics and a highly weight optimised yet complex internal structure complete the package. The DOUBLESKIN gives you the opportunity to travel super light and enjoy your hike up the mountain – always in search for the next take off. Tip: Pilots with a take off weight between 75-90 kg may fly the DOUBLESKIN in size 17 within the extended weight range as a dynamic EN/LTF B wing.

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Every gram counts. Size 17 (55 – 90 kg Take-off Weight) weighs only 2.1 kg. Together with the MONTIS harness (320 gram), the DOUBLESKIN is an ideal base for a weight optimised Hike & Fly kit. The complex internal structure, including mini-ribs, vector-tape and the high number of cells, the wing has also an excellent performance and stability. Instead of our Light Risers you can choose our minimalistic Ultralight Risers at check out and carry another 60 grams less.

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Into the Wind. The DOUBLESKIN is exceptional at maintaining directional stability as well as a good glide ratio allowing it to deliver when you are in ‘need for speed’. Here at NOVA we regard this as one of the safety features of the wing, since the wind does not necessarily adhere to the forecast on your hike & fly location. The DOUBLESKIN is a pleasure to fly in thermic conditions, thanks to its intuitive handling. Pilots who are looking for a super light yet playful wing, and who wish to travel the world, or simply complete a hike and fly challenge at their local flying site, find in the DOUBLESKIN the perfect companion for their next adventure.

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Super relaxed. The short lines of the DOUBLESKIN make it much easier to spread the wing and launch, in particular in rough terrain – it simply requires less open space. Thanks to useful holding-pins the glider will stay in place even on very steep or snow-covered take-offs. All the main lines, stabilo lines and brake lines are sheathed and colour coded to increase durability and to facilitate take off preparations. By the way: When buying a NOVA wing, and after registering it under myNOVA, it includes our unique one-off protection against accidents and mishaps for one year after purchasing. We exchange lines and replace damaged cells (excess: € 50 + postage and VAT). Is your wing beyond repair we offset the replacement value when buying a new one. You can use NOVA protect within the first year at most once. Please note: In order to benefit from NOVA-Protect it is necessary to register your product under myNOVA within 14 days of your purchase.


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Pilot requirements

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The DOUBLESKIN (EN/LTF A) features a high degree of passive safety (Flat Aspect Ratio: 4.4) but due to its agility, excellent performance and enjoyable thermaling characteristics, it is always ready to turn a top to bottom flight into an XC round trip. Pilots who enjoy the odd wing-over will enjoy the short and precise brake travel in combination with the benign reactions of the DOUBLESKIN. Pilots who enjoy an even more dynamic handling will benefit from the extended weight range of the size 17 wing – with a take off weight between 75 and 90 kg the wing is certified as EN/LTF B. Despite being mainly EN-A rated – depending on the total take off weight – we did not design this wing as a school glider. The Ultralight Risers require a certain routine in order to avoid riser twists when clipping in and the ultra-light fabric may be more prone to getting damaged during extensive ground-handling sessions. For those who wish to embark on their pilot training, our PRION or the light weight all-rounder IBEX are a more appropriate choice.

Review NOVA DOUBLESKIN in “Thermik” magazine

NOVA thermik doubleskin
 The Thermik editors have tested our DOUBLESKIN in the issue 3/2020. Their conclusion: “The Doubleskin has not only heralded the new NOVA-wing design, but has successfully continued the company’s internal history of hike and fly wings. Other than originally intended, it did not become a single surface wing. But with the Doubleskin 17 you are – concerning weight and packing size – very close to a single surface paraglider. A very positive surprise was the great thermal behaviour! That is why the Doubleskin is much more than just a pure hike and fly wing. As an all-rounder, e.g. when travelling, the Doubleskin can score points wherever playful ease in a small package is required.“

The complete review (PDF in German) can be found here. Thanks for the kind permission to share, Thermik Magazine!



Under pressure. NOVA Air Scoop is an optimised air intake, which increases the internal wing pressure. NOVA’s Air Scoop principle is similar to the ram-air inlet duct on a sports car: increased airflow produces higher pressure. Higher internal pressure in a paraglider means improved performance through increased structural stability and collapse resistance.

low aspect ratio global

More compact. 

The aspect ratio of a glider is not the only factor in passive safety, but still a very important one. A high aspect ratio favours cravats after asymmetric collapses, generally shortens brake travel and normally makes wings more difficult to fly. Nova’s analytical tools permit us to build performance wings even with a low or moderate aspect ratio.
Zig zag 3D

Zig-Zag 3D-Shaping. In addition to the standard 3D Shaping there is a Zig-zag 3D Shaping seam on each cell. The advantage is that this seam doesn’t run in the direction of the spanwise force.  This means the seam runs more cleanly and is more aerodynamically advantageous.  This innovation reduces the creases in the leading edge.


DOUBLESKIN - Minimalist hike & fly The DOUBLESKIN is the lightest paraglider in the world* with top and under surface (2.1 kg / size 17). It has a very small pack size and is a delight in the air thanks to better aerodynamics compared to a single-surface wing. With the DOUBLESKIN walking up is as enjoyable as flying and landing!

Technical data

17 20 23
Number of cells 33 33 33
Projected span m 7,6 8,1 8,8
Projected area 17,1 20 23,5
Projected aspect ratio 3,3 3,3 3,3
Flat span m 9,4 10,1 11,1
Flat area 20 23 27,5
Flat aspect ratio 4,4 4,4 4,4
Line length m 5,05 5,5 6,05
Total line length m 214 230 253
Max. chord m 2,6 2,8 3
Min. chord m 1,1 1,2 1,3
Weight kg 2,1 2,4 2,8
Recommended take off weight kg 55-75/ 75-90 75-105 90-120
Certification (EN/LTF) EN-A/EN-B EN-A EN-A

*Weight may vary up to 50g due to slight variations of the fabric and due to a variation of the fabrics moisture content.

“FLAT SURFACE AREA” – what does that mean?

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In a nutshell the flat surface area is the area of your paraglider when spread out on the ground. In contrast the projected area equals the area of the shadow your wing would cast with the sun standing vertically on the horizon. The projected surface area of the DOUBLESKIN is roughly 85% of the flat surface area by the way. Unfortunately, there is no standardised definition of those areas. E.g. some ballooning effects will be considered differently depending on the design software used by different manufacturers. The definition of the flat surface area is generally better defined, so this is why we use the flat surface area to compare the weight of a wing to other gliders. Generally, a wing with a larger surface area will climb better in thermals. It also allows slower speeds and that can be an advantage in certain take-off and landing situations.

Short and concise

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Weight optimised fabric. All fabrics are of the highest standard. We have tested all materials with regards to resistance against aging (porosity, tear strength, UV and abrasive wear) and mechanical resistance e.g. stretch resistance. For quality assurance purposes we also test random samples out of the serial production in regular intervals. The DOUBLESKIN features the lightest fabrics on the market which also shines due to very small pack size and high UV resistance.

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Mini Ribs. Mini Ribs increase the number of cells at the rear of the wing and produce an aerodynamically optimised trailing edge. The DOUBLESKIN mini ribs are particularly short – again, in order to keep the glider as light as possible.

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Top-Surface Vector-Tape. The vector tape reduces the kink that is created when brake is applied. The result is an improved climbing performance and better handling characteristics. On the DOUBLESKIN the vector-tape passes just behind the, for weight optimisation extra short, mini ribs.

csm DoubleSkin Details UltralightRiser 3163 Kopie 4d44180f8b

Risers with less weight. The Ultralight Risers sit comfortable in your hands at launch and are, like the rest of the glider, optimised to reduce the overall weight of your kit. Like with all ultra-light risers, we suggest to doublecheck for riser twists when connecting the wing to your harness. Alternatively to the Light Risers, you can choose the Ultralight Risers when purchasing the DOUBLESKIN.

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Holding-Pins. Small loops on the top surface of the wing serve as mounts for wooden Holding-Pins in order to easily attach the wing onto slippery and steep terrain – e.g. on snow – this will prevent the wing from sliding down after it has been laid out before take-off. The Holding-Pins are self-releasing and will come out of the ground automatically when launching. Please consult the DOUBLESKIN handbook for a detailed description of the correct use of the Holding-Pins.


Leading edge: Dominico 10D, 26 g/m2
Top surface: Dominico 10D, 26 g/m2
Lower surface: Dominico 10D, 26 g/m2
Profile ribs (suspended): Skytex 27 hard 27g/m2
Profile ribs (unsuspended): Skytex 27 hard 27g/m2
Main lines: Liros PPSLS191 / TSL 140
Gallery lines: Edelrid U-8000
Brake lines: PPSLS 65
Risers: Kevlar 12mm


Every NOVA paraglider comes with a big package of extra services and guarantees. When you buy the wing you get more than just the product1.

Trim Tuning

Optimise your wing.During the initial flights the lines are subjected to real loads for the first time. This leads to stretching and shrinking – regardless of which line material is used. During NOVA Trim Tuning² our software analyses how out of trim the glider has become and then calculates the required correction values. Trim Tuning aids safety and increases your flying fun.


Fully comprehensive insurance.After purchasing the wing and successfully registering it at myNOVA, you are provided with one year fully comprehensive insurance (excess: 63.50 euro incl VAT / + postage & packing³). You do the damage, we carry the cost. NOVA Protect means that you can concentrate on the important thing: the flying! If you break it, we fix it!

Full Service

More than a check.The NOVA Full Service is more than just a check. Just like the Trim Tuning, we analyse the line lengths and ensure that the wing is restored to the optimal profile alignment across the whole of the span. Additionally we give the wing a full health check. Our NOVA Full Service gives you confidence in your wing.

No Check Required

Three years without worry.If your wing has undergone NOVA Trim Tuning, the date to the next check is extended from two years to three years. The two-year check becomes a three-year check. This allows you to have an extra year of carefree flying. Please note the maximum permitted flying hours in the manual.


Full four year warranty.As standard, NOVA provides a three year, rather than a two year, guarantee on its paragliders. If your wing has undergone NOVA Trim Tuning and a NOVA Full Service, then we will extend the guarantee for a further year to four years. You get a good feeling flying a NOVA wing.

Quality Assurance

Everything available, anytime.If you register your wing at myNOVA, it is added to our Quality Assurance Database. In the database – accessed through myNOVA – you can download all the key data about your wing. The database will also assist the person servicing your glider by getting information about your glider at the click of a button. Your glider will be more comprehensively checked.


Additional information

Weight 5 lbs

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