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Gin Osprey – SMALL TANDEM – EN B

The Osprey is a small tandem for pilots who fly with light passengers, and / or in stronger winds. It was conceived to meet the demands of professional tandem pilots, but its accessible characteristics mean that it appeals equally to leisure pilots.


Flat area (m2) 34.00
Flat span (m) 12.77
Flat aspect ratio 4.8
Projected area (m2) 29.5
Projected span (m) 10.3
Projected aspect ratio 3.59
Chord (m) 3.3
Number of cells 36
Glider weight (kg) 7.1
Weight range (kg) 100-210
Certification EN B

Easy to manage on take-off and landing

With a surface area of only 34m², the Osprey is easy to manage on take-off. Compared to a conventionally sized tandem, a greater margin of safety is possible in stronger winds. Despite the reduced area, landing remains comfortable, even in nil wind. The EPT (Equalised Pressure Technology) airfoil enables a low stall speed with good energy retention and a well-defined flare window.osprey

Speed and stability

The Osprey has a wide speed range and a high maximum speed. The 11cm trimmer is uniquely long and the wing remains stable at even the highest speeds. In addition, a 2cm negative trim allows the pilot to set a lower trim speed. The glider is certified EN B across the entire weight range of 100-210kg.

A versatile all-rounder

The Osprey fills the gaps left by other tandems on the market. The unique design reduces the number of lines and the three riser levels make sorting of the lines straightforward. It’s also well suited for soaring in stronger winds, and its direct and responsive handling makes thermal flying a pure joy.



  • +11cm / -2cm trimmer
  • Equalized Pressure Technology (EPT)
  • ‘S-inlets’ for better inflation
  • 3 risers / 3 lines spanwise
  • Split A risers for easy big ears
  • cleat on C-riser to fix A3-line in the big ear position
  • Colour-coded lines for easy identification
  • Strong and durable materials
  • Trailing edge mini-ribs
  • three different tandem spreaders available: light, supple (soft) and rigid (hard)
  • also certified as a solo wing


  • Canopy cloth
  • Upper surface: Dominico 30D (water repellent) 41g/m²
  • Lower surface: Dominico 30D (water repellent) 41g/m²
  • Lines
  • Upper: Liros DSL 70 / PPSL 120 / GIN TGL 80
  • Middle: Liros DSL 70 / PPSL 120 / 200
  • Main: Edelrid 7343-280 | 420 | Gin Gliders TGL 400

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