• $4,250.00

    Swing Mirage RS

    $2,060.00$2,270.00 Buy Now
  • Mito-Swing-paraglider


    $3,500.00 Buy Now
  • Twin 5/5S ( Tandem) Paraglider

    Keep the well-proven and improve it with the latest technologies: this was the motto for the development of the Twin 5/5S.

  • Sensis Paraglider

    Intuitively, like your sixth sense.

    Designing the SENSIS latest simulation methods have been applied and we incorporated plenty of high-tech from the upper classes. These include 3D-shaping of the leading edge, complex interior structure and miniribs. Only 3 rows of lines on the risers also make the start preparations a breeze. 

    Size: XS – XL

  • Placeholder

    Mistral 7 Paragliding XS – XL

    MISTRAL 7 Paragliding is very stable canopy combines impressive glide performance with pleasant handling, maximum rate of climb and high passive safety.

  • discus


    $3,200.00 Buy Now

Swing Paragliders – One of the leading gliders manufacturer- WORLDWIDE WELL-REGARDED BRAND

Most people don’t really get paragliding until they try it for the first time. If you’re anything like us, and you’re looking into Swing paragliders, you’re already hooked. Flying is such a unique experience that is almost impossible to find a comparison, except for maybe being a bird or Peter Pan. When you are in search of wings to take you further in your adventures, Swing gliders are a fantastic option – reliable, highly regarded, and of exceptional quality.

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