The Nyos RS was once described as: “The Rolls Royce of the high-B class” in a highly acclaimed test report, because of its well-behaved flight characteristics.

The development goal of the Nyos 2 RS was to combine this flight comfort with more performance and sportiness, and thus accomplish something extraordinary: Disproving the preconception that more performance and agility mean less comfort and control.

Thus, the development of the Nyos 2 RS was driven by the philosophy of evolution, rather than revolution. We paid special attention to maintaining the proven characteristics of its predecessor, but by optimising the canopy and line drag, we were able to significantly increase maximum speed and performance on glide. The more agile and precise handling of the NYOS 2 RS – compared to its predecessor – noticeably improves its thermalling characteristics and is reflected in excellent climb performance. The tighter graduation of the weight ranges makes it easier for you to choose the ideal glider size.

In a nutshell: The NYOS 2 RS offers performance-hungry cross-country pilots exactly that, plenty of high level performance with maximum flight comfort. All in a wing that behaves in a predictable manner and is easy to control, even in demanding conditions.


  • More performance due to reduced line drag
  • Durable semi-lightweight construction
  • RAST – Maximum control in every situation
  • cross-country flying 100%
  • thermal and leisure flying 100%
  • hike & fly 60%

Who is the Nyos 2 RS for?

Even though the Nyos 2 RS has inherited the high flying comfort of its predecessor and is easy to control, we recommend this wing for experienced intermediate pilots and ambitious cross-country hounds.

LTF certificationB*B*B*BB
EN certificationB*B*B*BB
Permissible weight range
(kg) min./max. incl. equipment
Recommended weight range
(kg) min/max incl. equipment
Wing area(m²)21,022,525,027,030,0
Projected wing area (m²)17,919,121,323,025,5
Wing span(m)11,011,412,012,513,2
Projected wing span (m)8,79,19,59,910,5
Aspect ratio5,85,85,85,85,8
Projected aspect ratio4,34,34,34,34,3
Glider weight (kg)4,14,34,75,05,4
* Preliminary data subject to approval


RAST® – for maximum control



On paragliders with RAST® the canopy is divided into different internal pressurised sections by one or more fabric panels, some with valves running crossways to the direction of flight. This makes it possible to influence the air flows within the canopy.

With RAST, the air equalisation flows within the paraglider canopy can be regulated through defined openings. This applies both when filling,(during take-off) and when emptying. In the case of pressure loss, e.g. caused by canopy collapse in turbulent air, the relative internal pressure of the CORE section increases, while the BUFFER section absorbs the introduced energy by deformation. Furthermore, RAST can be used as an additional support to the leading and trailing edge, which has a positive effect on flight comfort. As RAST connects the ribs over the entire profile height, the construction has a stiffening effect and reinforcements and/or stiffening elements can be saved or even completely replaced by this special construction method.

In the NYOS 2 RS, RAST has been optimized for the following characteristics:

  • Smooth flight and maximum control in challenging conditions
  • High canopy stability even at maximum speed

Nitinol Wires – for maximum profile stability with minimum weight


Nitinol is a high-strength, temperature- and corrosion-resistant shape memory alloy. The name Nitinol is an acronym for  Nickel Titanium Naval Ordnance Laboratory. This material is well-known in medical technology, and for a long time Swing has been using it as leading edge reinforcement in paraglider design, one of the first paraglider manufacturers to do so.

For the NYOS 2 RS, the Nitinol reinforcements are inserted into nylon tubes. This meant that the cross-sectional area (and thus the contact area for the top surface material) could be increased without having to forego the positive features of the memory alloy (bend-resistance, length and dimensional stability).

Miniribs – for a homogeneous trailing edge


Ballooning on the trailing edge has a considerable influence on a paraglider’s control pressure and handling. That’s why, with the NYOS 2 RS, ballooning in this area was reduced to a minimum using 3D shaping, in addition to the tried and tested mini ribs.

The trick here is that the mini ribs have internal stitching on the top surface so that none of the threads can get caught up on the ground and pulled out, even when launching in difficult terrain.

3D-Shaping – for optimised aerodynamics

The targeted control of tension by 3D shaping at the leading edge of the upper sail has become standard in paraglider construction. This is in order to make the airflow-relevant areas as crease-free as possible. Depending on the model, 3D shaping is either single or double in its construction.

We have supplemented the standard shaping with another 3D shaping at the leading edge to optimise the aerodynamic effect of the miniribs.

Pro Dry Aramid-Lines – maximum performance with low weight and easy handling

In the NYOS 2 RS we are using the latest generation of unsheathed aramid lines. The special Pro Dry coating reduces the moisture absorption of the line by -60%, and also increases both, the UV resistance as well as the dirt resistance.
The lines are easily visible and easy to sort even without a sheath due to their magenta, blue and orange colouring. The high rigidity of the line material leads to a reduction in the formation of knots during use.

C-steering – for effective pitch control

In the NYOS 2 RS, we replaced our proven C-bridge for pitch control by a rocker linking the C2 riser with the B riser. Thus, by pulling down the C-riser during accelerated flight, the pilot has a much more effective and efficient control over the angle of attack, without having to ease up on the speed bar.

Performance-focussed pilots are thereby able to actively control and steer the NYOS 2 RS at speed.
For changes to direction or emergency steering, we recommend steering independently using the C1 riser.



Nyos2 Coral


Nyos2 Spicy


Nyos2 Dream


Nyos2 Berry


Nyos2 Nightshade

List of materials

DescriptionArticle CodeMaterialDimensionsSurfaceManufacturer
Quick linksMRDI03.0 12.30Inoxø 3,0 mmstainless steelTechtex
D-RingDRI03.0 8.13Inoxø 3,0 mmstainless steelTechtex
Rigging line (main)7950-190
8001-190 /-130
ø 1,6 mm
ø 1,2 mm / 1,0 mm
Rigging line (intermediate)8001-090Aramidø 0,9 mmuncoveredEdelrid
Rigging line (top)8001-130 /-090
Dyneemaø 1,0 mm / 0,9 mm
ø 0,5 mm
Fabric topsailSkytex 38
Nylon38 g/m²
31 g/m²
coatedPorcher Sport
Techfiber Services
Fabric bottomsailSTA15Nylon31 g/m²coatedTechfiber Services
Fabric ribsWT2042Nylon32 g/m²coatedTechtex
Riser webbing12mm BLKAramid / Polyester12 mm / 2 mmCousin
Profile supportSupport rodNitinol
ø 1,0 mm / 0,8 mm
Brake linesDFSL200
8001-090 / -050
ø 2,0 mm
ø 0,9 mm / 0,5 mm



User manualPDF
Maintenance and Service Book
Inspection informationPDFPDF


  • SWING standard backpack (90, 130 or 200 liters), or fast packing bag of your choice.
    (On request delivery without backpack possible. Please state with order).
  • Protection Bag II
  • Compression strap
  • Users Manual

Recommended accessories


… Lightweight, Control, Performance!



ESCAPE a reserve of the latest generation


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