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Swing Sphera Rs EN-D Two-liner Paraglider XC 2-liner secured by RAST!

With the Sphera RS, our patented RAST system enters the high-performance class for the first time by offering a completely new flying experience. It has never been easier and more comfortable to pilot a 2-liner and exploit its full performance potential. That’s why the Sphera RS is the first choice for ambitious XC pilots as well as aspiring competition pilots who want to enter the 2-liner class and raise themselves to a higher level. RAST helps you focus completely on your flying task to get the most out of the day.

  • Uncomplicated XC  2-liner for the highest demands
  • RAST for maximum control in every situation
  • High-End Design
  • Accessibility 100%
  • Cross-country flying 100%
  • Serial-Class Competition 100%

Sphera RS – How it started:

We first put RAST in our paragliders that were certificated A through to C, which soon proved its worth in practice. Therefore, it was logical to think that it should also have unique advantages to offer pilots of 2 liners too.

Who is the SPHERA RS for?

We developed the Sphera RS for XC record hunters who want to live their passion at the competition level. RAST gives you maximum control in every situation to get the most out of your flying day.

Technical Data

LTF CertificationD (PDF)D (PDF)D (PDF)D (PDF)
CEN CertificationDDDD
Permissible weight range
(kg) min./max. incl. Equipment
Recommended weight range.
(kg) Min/Max incl. equipment
Wing area (m²)2122,524,226
Wing area projected (m²)1819,320,822,3
Wing span (m)11,9912,4112,8713,34
projected Wing span (m)9,71010,410,8
aspect ratio756,96,96,96,9
projected aspect ratio5,25,25,25,2
Glider weight (kg)5,35,65,96,2


Thermik 7/22


RAST – for maximum control


On paragliders, with RAST, the canopy is divided into different internal pressurized sections by one or more fabric panels, some with valves running crossways to the direction of flight. This makes it possible to influence the air flow within the canopy.

With RAST, the air equalization flows within the paraglider canopy can be regulated through defined openings. This applies both when filling (during take-off) and when emptying. In the case of pressure loss, e.g. caused by canopy collapse in turbulent air, the relative internal pressure of the CORE section increases, while the BUFFER section absorbs the introduced energy by deformation. Furthermore, RAST can be used as an additional support to the leading and trailing edge, which has a positive effect on flight comfort. As RAST connects the ribs over the entire profile height, the construction has a stiffening effect and reinforcements and/or stiffening elements can be saved or even completely replaced by this special construction method.

The idea for the Sphera RS came from the team around Maurizio Bottegal and Alessio Casolla’s intention to build a 2-liner with the “Ram Air Section Technology”.

They were convinced that especially a paraglider with only two line levels could benefit significantly from the separation into two pressure sections.

The Sphera RS, with its high aspect ratio gets significantly more stability with RAST, which results in a noticeably better glide in turbulent air. You will also feel less movement of the canopy while thermalling. This makes the Sphera RS very easy and precise to handle.

However, the most important advantage of RAST is revealed when getting a collapse, or in extreme flight behaviour. RAST prevents the canopy from deflating too quickly, even with large accelerated collapses. The tendency of getting a cravat is thus significantly reduced and you keep control with the brakes longer. This gives you the possibility to recover the glider more promptly and to reduce any loss of altitude.

Nitinol Wires – for maximum profile stability

Nitinol is a high-strength, temperature- and corrosion-resistant shape memory alloy. The name Nitinol is an acronym for Nickel Titanium Naval Ordnance Laboratory.This material is well-known in medical technology, and for a long time Swing has been using it as leading edge reinforcement in paraglider design, one of the first paraglider manufacturers to do so.


The Nitinol reinforcements on the SPHERA RS ensure a permanently razor-sharp leading edge and maximum quality of the profile. The reinforcements in the top and bottom sail are also made of this shape memory alloy, which is insensitive to buckling, temperature and moisture. This means that you can be sure that no unwanted deformation of the canopy will affect the performance of the Sphera RS, even if the canopy was not packed up or stored correctly.

Airflow Alignment – for optimized aerodynamics

In the design of conventional paragliders, the cells are stitched the same distance apart across the chord, taken from a line drawn perpendicular to the leading edge in the centre of the wingspan. This however means that as you near the wingtips the cell stitching and internal ribs are actually not perpendicular to the leading edge, because the leading edge bends around in an arc towards the wingtips. This equates to the airflow actually crossing the cells, creating drag and turbulence. With the SPHERA RS we have aligned the ribs to the true airflow over the wing, meaning far less drag and turbulence, especially at the wing tips. The result is a far more efficient wing.



Sharknose – for more stability at full speed

In order to increase the internal pressure in the front area of the wing at low angles of attack, a Nitinol-reinforced Sharknose adapted to the profile, ensures optimum stability at high speeds.


Pro Dry Aramid-Lines – for maximum performance and trim stability

In the SPHERA RS we are using the latest generation of unsheathed aramid lines. The special Pro Dry coating reduces the moisture absorption of the line by -60%, and also increases both the UV resistance as well as the dirt resistance.

The lines are easily visible and easy to sort even without a sheath due to their magenta, blue and orange colouring. The high rigidity of the line material leads to a reduction in the formation of knots during use.

2 Level Risers – for effective rear riser steering and pitch control

The riser configuration of the SPHERA RS consists of a split A-riser and a B-riser. The split A-riser allows a differentiation of the angle of attack between the centre of the wing and the wingtips during acceleration, which results in an even change of angle of attack over the whole speed range.You can also perform “big ears” easily in combination with the speed system.

The ergonomic “T-Bar”, specially designed for the SPHERA RS, can be quickly and individually fixed to the B-riser and facilitates canopy control via the rear risers.



Sphera RS


Sphera RS


Sphera RS Energy


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