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MIRAGE 2 RS …step up your game!

Extended range and better performance, without sacrificing the proven all-round characteristics and nature of the Mirage series – that was precisely our goal in developing the Mirage 2 RS!

Through meticulous R&D over a period of two years, our development team of passionate speedflying and speedriding pilots, has succeeded in extending the scope of the glide from “extremely steep” to the best glide performance, as well as the usable speed range, while retaining the character and safe feeling of its predecessor.

This is mainly made possible by a new, very stable performance profile, with Nitinol-reinforced leading edge in combination with our patented RAST system, which has been optimally adapted to the Mirage 2 RS.
The new, lightweight risers, equipped with Split-A Riser and a C-Bride, give you maximum control and precise steering over the entire trim range.

Extended range and glide performance for extremely steep lines and long swoops


High stability over the entire angle of attack range, thanks to the new performance profile with RAST

Maximum control and precise handling thanks to a new riser concept



Important information about the glider sizes:

In order to make it easier for you to compare the wing area of Speedwings across manufacturers, we have calculated and specified the area laid out, with one of the most common development programmes. This sometimes results in discrepancies between the size information in the glider name and the wing area specification in the technical data.We have decided not to adjust the size information to the new area calculation, so that you know which size of Mirage 2 RS is suitable for you, based on your experience with one of the previous models.


New performance profile – for more power


For the Mirage 2 RS we have further modified the well-proven profile of its predecessor. Thanks to a new, aerodynamically optimised leading edge, you now have access to significantly more performance over the entire angle of attack range. The Mirage 2 RS is faster, has better glide performance and flies steeper than ever before with open trimmers.

The new profile filters feedback in turbulence to the bare minimum, giving you highly precise and intuitive handling in any trim position, without being overwhelming.

The new profile and trim have been adapted to significantly improve the Mirage 2 RS swooping ability. It quickly builds up a lot of speed in the dive and converts this into powerful swoops with a medium recovery arc.

Together with the shortened line lengths and the new Valentin Delluc inspired brake spider trim, you can easily control crisp barrel rolls snapping back into place at the end of the manoeuvre.

The long progressive brake travel and low speed stall point make launching easy and give you maximum control during manoeuvres or proximity flights.

RAST© – for maximum control


On paragliders with RAST® the canopy is divided into different internal pressurised sections by one or more fabric panels, some with valves running crossways to the direction of flight. This makes it possible to influence the air flows within the canopy.

With RAST, the air equalisation flows within the paraglider canopy can be regulated through defined openings. This applies both when filling (during take-off), and when emptying. In the case of pressure loss, e.g. caused by canopy collapse in turbulent air, the relative internal pressure of the CORE section increases, while the BUFFER section absorbs the introduced energy by deformation. Furthermore, RAST can be used as an additional support to the leading and trailing edge, which has a positive effect on flight comfort. As RAST connects the ribs over the entire profile height, the construction has a stiffening effect and reinforcements and/or stiffening elements can be saved or even completely replaced by this special construction method.

In the Mirage 2 RS, RAST© has been optimised to enhance the following characteristics:

  • More canopy stability and performance at high speeds and in turbulent air
  • Maximum control over the brake and the C-Bridge

Tip: You can close the RAST valves by abruptly applying the brakes, thus provoking a very direct and agile reaction from the Mirage 2 RS. If you pull moderately on the brakes, the RAST valves remain open so that you can control your glider precisely and intuitively.

New risers – for easier and better handling


12 mm webbing width

For an improved feel, we have reduced the webbing width to 12mm and reinforced it with a Kevlar core. In favour of a reliably working trimmer with enough “bite”, we have kept the width of the trimmer strap.


Split-A Riser

What has long been standard on paragliders has also proved its worth on the Mirage 2 RS during testing. For an optimal angle of attack of the outer wing in any trim position, the A risers on the Mirage 2 RS are now split. This allows for better handling when using the brakes and a has a positive effect on performance when the trimmers are open.



One of the top priorities in the development of the Mirage 2 RS was to improve the steering behaviour via the rear risers. To enable you to steer as efficiently and fatigue-free as possible via the risers, we have adopted the C-Bridge from paraglider development. This feature allows you to use almost the entire glide angle range with open trimmers.



After an extensive test phase with numerous pilot discussions, we decided to equip the trimmer of the Mirage 2 RS with a loop to close it. To ensure that you can grip the loop quickly in any situation, even with thick gloves, it is permanently held in shape by Nitinol. An elastic chord, which is connected to the carrying strap, prevents the trimmer band from flapping.

Nitinol Wires – for maximum profile stability with minimum weight


Nitinol is a high strength, temperature and corrosion resistant, shape-memory alloy. The name Nitinol is an acronym for Nickel Titanium Naval Ordnance Laboratory. SWING has long been one of the first paraglider manufacturers to use this material, mainly known for its use in medical technology, as a nose reinforcement in paraglider construction.

For optimum dimensional stability of the Mirage 2 RS profile, we have sewn the Nitinol Wires into narrow Mylar strips. This makes the Mirage 2 RS extremely efficient in flight without being too aggressive when riding in deep snow. The Nitinol memory material is kink-resistant and keeps its shape even at very low temperatures or in wet conditions.

Detailed solutions – for more comfort

To prevent the lines from getting caught in the brake handles during transport in the Swing Speedbag, you can fix the handles in the suspension loops of the riser.


If you would like to connect your brake handles to the riser with an elastic chord for more control in flight, you will find a loop for this purpose at the hang-in points of the risers.

We have responded to your feedback and now use inlets for the line locks instead of O-rings.

Snow and dirt collect inside of the canopy are automatically transported to the stabilo via a channel. The large dirt outlets make it easy to remove anything you’d rather not have in your Mirage 2 RS. You can choose to close the dirt outlets permanently with a Velcro fastener, or keep them open during flight with a flap.

Mirage 2 RS

Mirage 2 RS8.59.511131517*
Wing area (m²)7,88,810,512,515
Wing area projected (m²)6,87,69,010,013
Wing span (m)5,45,86,36,97,6
Projected wing span (m)4,54,85,25,76,3
Aspect ratio3,83,83,83,83,8
Projected aspect ratio2,82,82,82,83
Glider weight (kg)1,7 kg1,8 kg 2,0 kg2,2 kg2,4 kg
*in progress


Mirage RS plusDEENFRES
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