• $549.00
  • $140.00$150.00

    Skybean ChaseCam XC

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  • $275.00$295.00

    Flymaster GPS LS

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  • Brauniger Motor Eco GPS

    Brauniger Motor Eco GPS

    The Brauniger Motor Eco GPS or MOTOR+ is an ultra-modern GPS equipped instrument system for all motorized hang glider, paraglider and microlight pilots.

    With its wireless transmission of motor monitoring data, there is no longer any need for inconvenient cabling between instrument and motor.

  • Flytec Naviter Hyper

    Flytec Naviter Hyper

    • Flytec Naviter Hyper’s thermal assistant will help you accurately core and optimize thermals.
    • Flying around your local site, setting records, Bivvy flights.
    • Sunlight-readable hi-res transflective color display
    • Glove-frienly touchscreen
    • Worldwide terrain map
    • Hike-and-fly mode
    • Battery life >12 hours, >36 hours hike & fly mode
  • Flymaster Sim

    Global Free Roaming SIM Solution

  • $260.00
  • $650.00
  • $435.00
  • Flytec Element Alto
  • Flytec Camera Mount

    Flytec Camera Mount

    Flytec Camera Mount allows you to attach your camera to virtually any tube on your hangglider. Bracket base is extruded aluminum with rubber friction strips.

  • Oudie 3 case Instrument Holder

    Case for the Naviter Oudie 3 flight instrument



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