Swing Stuff bag fast packing bag


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Swing Stuff bag fast packing bag.

Paragliding fast packing bag with comfortable shoulder carrying system. Keep your kit clean and safe quickly with the Swing fast packing bag.

Made from lightweight materials coming in at just over a kilogram, with an internal riser pocket, double lacing, and padded shoulder strap, the fast pack stuff bag is easy to use and secure, allowing you to keep your wing safe and clean, fast!

Big enough to cope with a tandem wing, it comes with side compression straps too.

The Swing fast packing bag paragliding solo or tandem wing.

The Swing fast packing bag can be compressed easily with the compression straps on the side.

First, the Swing Paragliding fast packing bag offers a comfortable shoulder carrying system.

The inside riser bag and a double lacing ensure optimum operability.

While wearing the padded shoulder system in connection with ultra-light materials (1040g) it provides you a comfortable feeling, especially for your back.

In addition, the stuff bag capacity makes it very flexible for different purposes.

For example, the Swing stuff bag can be used with a solo paraglider or tandem wing. The bag fits the appropriate size and can be compressed easily with the compression straps on the side.

The Swing bag can accommodate all your paragliding gear including your paraglider, harness, accessories, variometer, helmet.

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Swing fast packing bag

Swing Stuff bag fast packing bag


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