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  • Flytec Naviter Hyper
  • Flytec Harness Bracket for variometer


    Flytec Harness Bracket for variometer | Perfect to install easily on your paraglider harness | Ideal position to have an easy reading on the screen.

  • Flytec basic leg strap

    Flytec basic leg strap


    Flytec basic leg strap can be used with all Flytec and Brauniger instruments (except 3000/4000 series, SensBox). Elastic velcro strap and clip -attaches to instrument with supplied screw

  • flytec-element-track
  • Acrylic Cover

    Flytec Acrylic Cover For Variometers


    Flytec Variometers Acrylic offers Clear acrylic face protection for instruments: Variometer FLytec 6005, 6010, 6015 and has Cut-out for keypad access.

  • Paragliding Pocket
  • Universal Hang Gliding Bracket

    Flytec Universal Hang Gliding Bracket


    Universal Hang Gliding Bracket is held in place with stretch Velcro straps and its Tightening lever can be set to be in line with airflow when tight.

  • Paragliding airspeed sensor

    Paragliding Airspeed Sensor

    Paragliding Airspeed Sensor is for use with 3000/4000/5000/6000 series and recision impeller with sapphire bearings and hangs below pilot.

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