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  • Advance PI BI Paraglider

    PI BI – Family Affair
    Light, fully-fledged and small when packed: many have been waiting for this tandem wing for Hike and Fly with friends and family. Now it’s here! The PI BI in one 37 m2 size weighs only 4.8 kg and has a takeoff weight range from 100 to 180 kg. This ADVANCE Light Tandem merges PI philosophy with the popular flying qualities of the BIBETA 6.

  • $360.00$399.00
  • Paragliders speed bar an d ccessories.

    Gin Speed Bar

    GIN pilots have even more choice with the new rigid Gin Speed Bar.The light and strong aluminium frame provides extra feeling and comfort during flight.

  • Apco speedbar

    Apco speedbar is a small, neat item (pat. pending) being released for the market – 2 Step Integrated Stirrup and is the first of its kind.

  • Freeride Harness
  • Escape 2 Airbag(past model)

    Escape 2 Airbag no more in production you can see other Supair products here 

  • Gin Bobcat

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