Syride Variometers

Syride variometer update

Syride Variometers offers now Bluetooth on the SYS’Evolution

With the V2.52 firmware update, SYS’Evolution unlocks Bluetooth connectivity. It allows the Sys’Evolution be connected to the internet during the flight (using the data plan of your cell phone, no need for a special subscription).
Currently, Bluetooth can be used for sharing the pilot in a live tracking session, but the next updates will add SMS alerts and real-time wind reports features. Syride Variometers will have more update very soon…
Syride Variometers  introduce a portable hotspot mode (“Bluetooth tethering”) of your phone doesn’t require the installation of an application, it is both simple, reliable and very energy-efficient. The battery life impact both on the phone and the SYS’Evolution is then optimum.
A short tutorial video explaining how to connect your phone to a live tracking session for the first time is available here: : 
(iPhone compatibility coming in the next firmware update)


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