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Ozone Rush 6 Paraglider Sport Intermediate – B

The Rush 6 delivers the highest glide and XC performance in its class. Extensive comparative testing was completed during the development process where the Rush 6 significantly outperformed every wing it was tested against. Derived directly from the Delta 4, the Rush 6 shares performance development features with the Enzo and Zeno series wings.

Technical data

Number of cells626262626262
Projected area (m2)1719.1120.3821.5222.6424.31
Flat Area (m^2)20.0522.5424.0425.3826.728.67
Projected Span (m)8.438.949.239.499.7310.09
Flat Span (m)10.6911.3411.7112.0312.3412.79
Projected Aspect Ratio4.
Flat Aspect Ratio5.
Root Chord (m)2.362.512.592.662.732.83
Glider Weight (kg)4.324.744.965.195.395.65
Certified Weight Range (kg)55-7265-8575-9585-10595-115110-130
Recommended Flying Weight (kg)60-7070-8482-9490-104100-114112-128

* Weights may vary up to 50gm per size due to slight variations in the manufacturing of the fabric used.


True Performance

Hundreds of hours test flying in the turbulent conditions of the Southern-Alps have satisfied our own most stringent passive safety requirements. The Rush 6 has True Performance — real, useable glide and speed in active XC conditions throughout the entire speed range.

New Tech

Stability in accelerated flight has been improved thanks to a new profile, optimised internal structure, and the ACR system. The Rush 6’s structure is the strongest we have yet made; even in aggressive turbulence the profile remains undisturbed, retaining its shape and efficiency with no chordwise deformation.

ACR System

The Active Control Risers, inherited directly from the Delta 4, give the pilot full angle of attack control without deforming profile camber. ACR risers act on the B and C lines, allowing 2-line style control with the comfort of a 3-line design.

The Design

The entire Rush 6 design is evolved from the Delta 4, and it is a similar wing in every respect. The Aspect Ratio has been kept moderate for passive safety, fun, and higher levels of passive safety. Performance gains have been made through optimisation of the 3/2 line layout, new additional 3D shaping splits the leading edge, and modifications to the shaping of the panels and trailing edge / mini rib construction — all of which lead to significant reductions in parasitic drag and resultant glide & speed increases.

Patented Shark Nose Profile

Since Ozone first invented the Shark Nose Profile in 2011, it has evolved a great deal. The Rush 6 version is refined to increase stability, comfort, and performance, as well as a highly forgiving brake range – the wing is extremely resistant to accidental spin or stall. The leading edge also features Ozone G-strings which maintain the shape of cell openings during accelerated flight, reducing vibration and flutter drag.

The Launch

Inflation characteristics have been significantly improved compared to the Rush 5. By refining the leading edge, nil-wind performance is on par with some of our easiest wings, with a light and responsive feel. High-wind launches are very easily managed, with no tendency to overshoot.

In Flight

In the air, a slightly higher top speed and more dynamic feel resemble a supercharged Rush, more similar to a Delta in terms of handling excitement. The brakes are precise in the first part of the range and highly effective in the second Climbing efficiency is aided by the strong chord structure and excellent sail cohesion.

The Pilot

With sporty, dynamic handling, great top speed, and high levels of passive safety in a comfortable and accessible package, the Rush 6 is suitable for a wide range of pilots. With EN B certification, it is ideal for experienced intermediate recreational and XC pilots who fly at least 50 hours per year.


Standard colours (Ozone colour codes): HALC, LWGB, OAWU, RYGA.

Ozone Rush 6 standard colours (Ozone colour codes)

Custom colours: Choose your colours and email us the custom colour reference with your order.


Delivered standard with the following accessories: Inner bag, glider strap, speed bar, stickers, repair cloth and keyring.

Backpack not included as standard. See all backpacks.


  • Top Surface Cloth: Dominico 30D
  • Bottom Surface Cloth: Dominico 20D
  • Rib cloth: Porcher 9017 E29 (hard)
  • Upper lines: Edelrid 8000U serie
  • Mid lines: Edelrid 8000U serie
  • Lower Lines: Edelrid 8000U serie

Compared to the Rush 5

The main changes compared to the Rush 5 are:

  • New profile and internal structure
  • Hybrid 3/2 line design with 2 lines at the wingtip
  • ACR system for riser steering (from the Mantra and Delta series)
  • Slightly higher aspect ratio (5.7)
  • Lighter glider weight
  • Better inflation in low winds

All these improvements combine to make the Rush6 a real “baby Delta 4” with trademark handling, high passive safety and useable top speed, suitable for pilots who fly at least 50 hours a year.


Additional information

Weight8 lbs

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