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Nova MONTIS Harness – ultra light, super comfortable -The perfect climbing partner

MONTIS – ultra light, super comfortable At approximately 300 grams the MONTIS, our mountaineering harness, is both light as a feather and extremely comfortable. Clever details like Friction Buckles help us to achieve minimum weight.


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Light & comfortable. Either light or comfortable – we demanded both! The MONTIS weighs in at only 300 grams but offers a level of comfort not seen so far in this type of harness. Sit down, try it, feel good.
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Technically sophisticated. The MONTIS is a harness designed by mountaineers for mountaineers, which is full of innovative design solutions. One of them is the Friction Buckle – an adjustable shoulder strap which does not use a metal buckle.
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Total flying fun. Far more than a harness for top-to-bottoms: The MONTIS is designed with  sophisticated geometry that ensures balanced pilot weight distribution to minimise any pressure points. This geometry allows smooth and comfortable thermalling.

Technical data

Pilot heightcm<175175-190>185
Harness weightkg0,3200,3400,400
Certification (EN)PH 131.2015
Maximum clip-in weight100 kg lt. EN
ColoursNOVA Red


Shoulder strapFriction buckle
CarabinerMaillon Rapide MRSI05.0
Airbag (optional)NOVA INVERTO


Target group

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The MONTIS is aimed at mountaineers who are looking for a minimalist harness which is both super light and comfortable. The MONTIS can be used in conjunction with the INVERTO – a clever reversible rucksack – to make a well thought-out hike & fly package with a comfortable, spacious rucksack and an airbag that protects the pilot’s posterior and back.




Ultimate lightness.

Harnesses with the label Light Weight are extremely light and are ideally suited for mountaineering. The weight reduction is made possible by an intelligent mixture of materials and a smart construction.
Nova Gurtzeug TM red

The perfect fit.

Our S and L sizes are not just scaled copies of the M size. Every size is individually designed. The result is Tailor-made Geometry: every pilot has the optimal seat position – no more “off the peg” disproportional geometry!
NOVA FrictionBuckle

Fastened through friction.

The Friction Buckle is an innovative fastener that doesn’t use a metal buckle. How does it work? Dynema cords are looped through one another. With friction, they are fixed in the desired position. The system is simple and reliable.
NOVA SplitLoops

More comfort. 

Harnesses with Split Loops use individual leg loops instead of a seat plate. The result is good manoeuvrability combined with pleasant damping and impressive smoothness during glides. Performance limiting roll is minimised.


csm inverto rucksack 748477cad9

The MONTIS is complemented perfectly by the INVERTO, a cleverly designed reversible rucksack, which converts the pure mountaineering harness into a hike & fly harness with a high degree of passive safety. The airbag in the INVERTO not only protects the posterior (as is the case with other harnesses of this type), but also the back area. The rucksack is very spacious and is very comfortable to carry.


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Scope of delivery

Manual. We have enclosed a very detailed manual which contains everything you need to know about your flying equipment. Please study it before flying your gear for the first time.

csm Nova Manual 2021 quadr f7bd4a60ac  
Speed bar ‘light’. For our ultra light harnesses, we’ve developed a light speed bar with three steps. Rolls and a line stopper are included.
csm Montis accelerator 6146 40b85af0ec  
Rigging Maillon rapide.A rigging Maillon rapide is used to connect the harness and the glider. The 5mm strong carabiners has a weight of 25 grams each.
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Additional information

Weight3 lbs

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