BGD WOW Reserve Parachute



BGD WOW Reserve Parachute

Our fast opening, low sink rate, and ultra stable reserve parachute designed to keep you safe when everything doesn’t go to plan.

  • Easy-packing tabs
  • High-vis Container
  • Light durable materials
  • Laser-cut panels
  • Pulled-Down Apex
  • Square shape




AREA (M²)22.527.532.5


We believe our WOW reserve parachute systems are the most reliable and safest around. It is EN certified and tested to the highest standards because we don’t want to have to think twice if we really need to use them.

The Wow is a modern square reserve parachute with a fast opening time, low sink rate and high pendulum stability. The corner cut-outs make it very stable in descent straight after deployment, and the symmetrical design prevents system-related forward movement, resulting In a stable descent with easy landing.

The reserve comes with a fast-opening lightweight deployment bag made of high strength rip-stop with 4 holding flaps. It is compatible with most standard paragliding harnesses.

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We have added packing tabs to each cell in order to make packing easy, consistent, and safer.


The WOW reserve is for pilots who want a reserve for everyday flying that is fast opening, reliable, and safe. A reserve parachute is an essential component to every pilot’s flying gear and even though none of us would ever plan on using it, having a reserve you can count on is crucial. Don’t scrimp on safety!


Reserve parachute / Inner container / Inspection booklet / Manual / manuals / BGD stickers


I fly almost every day for pleasure and work. I demand a lot from my equipment and have been impressed by the WOW reserve. Packing size, weight, and durability mean the parachute is perfect for my normal flying gear and I can use it for many years to come.

The materials and technologies used in the construction ensure the WOW’s reliability and robustness for a long service life. It is made from lightweight materials and packs down small. The panels are CNC precision cut, and the polyamide lines attach to the canopy with traditional loops, so they are quick and easy to replace if necessary. The lines have some stretch, so they absorb some of the impact of a deployment.

The reserve is packed in a lightweight inner container which is designed to open in any direction. If you need it to open, you need it to open!


RESERVENylon 6.6, 33dTEX
LINESEdelrid A-6798-150
RISERDyneema/polyester 13 mm

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Weight5 lbs

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