Paragliding Hand Warmers Wind Stopper


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Paragliding Hand Warmers & Wind Stopper

Paragliding Hands Warmers Wind Stopper, sold in pairs, in pure down 700 cuin offer 2 wind stop faces. The advantages of these sleeves are obvious. Heat, good grip, ease of assembly.

Fly Hours with Your Hands Warm!

  • The adapted form makes it possible to retain all the functions of the usual brake control (which remains in the sleeve in flight). Hands Warmer
  • On the floor, you can mount the sleeves easily, with a suitable tightening, in the upper part. Your usual handle will cling to its classical location, by its classic snap regular or magnetic.
  • The sleeve allows the passage of your brake handle in the upper part, for easy control
  • Inflate your wing in a thin glove or bare hand then quickly put your hand in the shelter in the sleeve, taking your handle as usual.
  • Steal hours, warm! The low opening of the sleeves, by its shape, allows easy access to the control. Inside, a breathable face (membrane Goretex style), hosts a pocket covering the palm.
  • In this internal pocket, you can add  “Hands Warmer” if it is very cold.
  • Adapt yourself!
  • The advantages of these sleeves are obvious. Heat, good grip, ease of assembly.

What are the disadvantages?

  • On take-off, it must be ensured that the sleeves do not obstruct the controls. A simple elastic (supplied), looped on the elevators allows to “pinch” each sleeve, just the time of the manipulations on the ground and elevation. As soon as the sail is on the head, the simple act of temporizing the wing lowers the sleeve on the control. Easy. Hands Warmer
  • In the air too, if you have to manipulate your instruments, readjust the jacket or the harness, just snap the sleeve between the elevators, in the V. They do not bother, do not float in the wind, and recover themselves easily. Just take the time to install them.
  • I fly personally solo and PPG with the latter, from the first cold.
  • At the bottom of each sleeve, a fold of the fabric allows, if you wish, the assembly of a rotofil-leading edge rod (not supplied), to maintain, if you deem useful, a perfect shape Round and accessible.
  • Delivered in pairs, in a very small carrying bag, for quick storage. Can also be used as a paramotor, because the throttle grip will hold without complex inside! However, special attention must be paid to the mounting, in order to keep the sleeve close to the lift under all circumstances in this specific use.

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