Ozone sombrero UV protector
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Ozone Sombrero UV protector for your paraglider



Ozone Sombrero UV protector for your paraglider

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If you want to keep your wing in a good shape for as long as possible, you want to avoid any unwanted UV exposure. Anytime you are waiting on your take off site, on the beach, on the training hill, use your Ozone sombrero bag

Made with light but durable material, you can keep it in your harness all the time ready to use. 

The best way to protect your gear since when you are waiting you can easily cover the wing and harness. Keep Your Wing in the Shade.

The new Ozone Sombrero is a cover to protect your paraglider during the inevitable parawaiting sessions that we all endure from time to time. While you’re sitting on take-off, keep your paraglider covered with this UV-reflective, water-resistant, lightweight cover. 
Perfect for competitions, or just a weekend on the hill.

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