• Parajet Zenith

    (Cage only (No engine-No prop)Customize with the engine and the color of your choice from the dropdown menu)

    Parajet create products that change the landscape of Paramotoring and the Zenith is no exception, strap yourself in and suddenly it’s clear. A Paramotor manufactured to give unrivalled precision and consistency in its production, coupled with a launch and in-flight geometry so precise, that it feels like an extension of your body.

  • Scout Paramotor

    The Scout Paramotor is one of the most innovative designs to enter the powered paragliding niche. While it is a truly beautiful design, the Scout packs a powerful punch with many unique features.

  • Miniplane Minari ABM

    Miniplane-USA now has the Miniplane ABM model available with the Minari 180cc engine.

  • Ozone Freeride

    Dynamic Performance

    The FREERIDE brings a new level of agility and dynamic handling to the intermediate-advanced class of PPG wings. This exciting new design delivers the legendary speed, precision, and efficiency of the OZONE VIPER series, plus the handling and agility of the OZONE SLALOM.

  • Ozone Triox


    The Triox is designed specifically for powered trike flying. Compatible with all types of trike units from light to heavy, this versatile and reliable wing offers a stable and fast platform with easy launch and landing characteristics.


    Ozone Triox

    $4,200.00 Buy Now
  • $2,950.00

    Ozone Spark 2

    $2,950.00 Buy Now
  • Flytec variometer Motor Eco

    Flytec Variometer Motor Eco


    The Flytec variometer Motor Eco is the ideal instrument system for all motorized hang glider, paraglider and microlight pilots. High contrast display with superb readability in direct sunlight.

  • Miniplane Polini

    Miniplane Polini engine features advanced technical solutions. It was projected to achieve the best weight-power ratio but, at the same time, to optimize the thermal and moving parts functions.


    Miniplane Polini

    $6,200.00$6,750.00 Buy Now
  • TTO Trail Tech Front Button Style Black Tachometer for Paramotoring & PPG

    TTO Trail Tech Front Button Style Black Tachometer for Paramotoring & PPG

    New Design Front Button TTO Trail Tech is a digital tachometer and hour meter that works on all gasoline engine.
  • TTO Trail Tech Black Tachometer

    Black TTO Trail Tech Paramotor Tach/Hour Meter

    TTO Trail Tech Tachometer works on all gas engines (including newer fuel injected four cycle engines). Tracks total hours on motor, non-resettable.


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