• $899.00$999.00
  • Flytec Naviter Hyper
  • Oudie 3 case Instrument Holder

    Case for the Naviter Oudie 3 flight instrument


  • flytec-element-track
  • Sportwear: Speed Sleeves Zip-up T Shirt

    Flytec Zippered Speed Sleeve


    Flytec Speed Sleeve is a 4-way stretch Nylon with plush interior finish for warmth and less grab of base layers and avaibles in various sizes.

  • Acrylic Cover

    Flytec Acrylic Cover For Variometers


    Flytec Variometers Acrylic offers Clear acrylic face protection for instruments: Variometer FLytec 6005, 6010, 6015 and has Cut-out for keypad access.

  • Paragliding Pocket

Flytec Variometers:

Naviter variometer for competitive advantage or better flying days. Oldies variometers for the demanding pilot, from beginner to World Class competition winner.

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