The New OZONE ROADSTER 3 is out!!

The New OZONE ROADSTER 3 is out!!


The roadster 3 was developed from the successful design of the fun safe and easy roadster 2. Mostly designed for the Newly qualified pilots it can bring happiness to a wide range of pilots, from beginner to experienced.
All pilots from newbies to regular flyer will appreciate the impeccable launching characteristics and the strong stability. Also, the pilot enjoying Cross country will appreciate the overall efficiency, performance, and agile handling.
Continuing the success of the Roadster 2 the Roadster 3 is a paramotor wing with a wide range of use from the agile handling to epic cross-country and low-level flying.
This PPG wing is the perfect toy for the pilots who want to improve their skills to the next level with the security of a B certified wing.
The Roadster 3 is designed for pilots of all abilities, from newly qualified to advanced. It is a dedicated paramotor wing with a full reflex profile.
  • Shark Nose OZONE Reflex Profile
  • EN B certified
  • Ideal first reflex wing for newer pilots, fun enough for experts
  • Rock solid stability at all speeds, and in active air for XC flying
  • Impeccable launch characteristics
  • Agile and precise handling
  • Short takeoff and landing
  • Improved top speed
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Pilots of all abilities will love the impeccable launch characteristics and rock-solid stability in active air and in accelerated flight. XC pilots will appreciate the R3’s overall efficiency, performance, and agile handling. This is a truly versatile wing; it is perfect for everything from basic circuits to epic XC adventures and low-level precision flying.


The Roadster 3 delivers all of the benefits of an advanced reflex profile and the patented OZONE SharkNose, with EN B certification*. The Shark Nose OZONE Reflex Profile was developed specifically for powered flight. It maintains a constant level of lift and internal pressure over a wide range of angles of attack, giving exceptional levels of stability throughout the speed range. In turbulent air, even at low angles of attack, the Roadster 3 is highly collapse resistant – the reflex profile absorbs turbulence and remains inflated even without pilot input. At high angles of attack, the brake range is very forgiving, meaning that deep inputs can be made without the risk of stall.


The Roadster 3 features a new internal structure designed to increases the strength and longevity of the sail without adding weight. Further changes have been made to the twist of the wing and overall line lengths to improve roll stability and dampen the effects of engine torque, whilst improving the overall handling.


On the ground, the inflation is smooth and constant in any wind speed, with a gentle and consistent rise without shooting or lagging behind, even with the trimmers set to the slow position. Due to its exceptional inflation behavior it excels in nil-wind conditions with a low take-off speed, enabling you to launch and land in small areas.


Despite its easy and forgiving nature the most striking characteristic of the Roadster 3 is its fun and agility – it is a real pleasure to fly. The handling is easy, predictable, and forgiving, yet at the same time precise and responsive. The tip steering system maintains this high level of precision and agility whilst flying accelerated.

*Certified EN B with the trimmers in the slow position.

Roadster 3 colors

Roadster 3 colours



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