How to pack a reserve parachute?

Gin Yeti UL Reserve Parachute

The FAA requires that a reserve parachute need to be inspected and repacked every 180 days to ensure that the parachute meets regulations. This ensures that even if you are not using the reserve parachute that it is still being aired out and is in good condition for when you do need it. Before you pack your reserve parachute

  • The manufacturer instructions
  • A large clear open space to lay out the reserve parachute and lines
  • String/cord for collecting and holding the tabs often found one the seams at the top of the gores
  • Shorter lengths of non abrasive line for closing elastics, about 30-40cm long
  • 3 or 4 clean shot or sand bags, heavy books for weighing the parachute down
  • Packing board for making the figure of eight line bundles perfect
  • Spare rubber bands if needed to replace ageing packing bands around lines
  • Spare bungee to potentially replace closures on deployment bags

The most important step is to follow your manufacturers guide for packing the reserve parachute into the container. Another great tip is to find a manufacturer video walkthrough on packing the reserve parachute. We have attached a popular manufacturer guide below for your convenience to see more information on how you should be packing your reserve parachute.

Supair Reserve Parachute walkthrough

After repacking your reserve parachute make sure to check that the deployment handle is connected to the deployment bag. While this may seem like common sense it has been the cause of previous paragliding accidents and should always be a step you add in for your safety when packing your reserve parachute.

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