SupAir Paragliders – What paragliders need to know

SupAir Paragliders – How did it start?

There’s nothing quite like flying, is there? After you get a taste for it, it’s hard to let go, and why should we? Brands like Sup’Air have been around for decades, working hard to create the safest and best possible paragliding gear to give you a fun experience while flying that keeps you safe. Find out more about SupAir below. 

If SupAir had to be described in one word it would be innovation. As a hand-gliding instructor back in 1979, Pierre Bouilloux, decided to take on the challenge to design a better harness. His passengers were coming close to losing consciousness during the flight due to the compressions on various parts of the body. 

He got a sewing machine and went for it. 

Soon, he started commercializing his new harness. By 1982 Sup’Air became a brand, with its own logo and was going well. Over 35 years later and Sup’Air is known worldwide as a Paragliding and Powered Paragliding specialist. 

Throughout the years, Bouilloux broke FAI world triangle race records and became the French champion from 1990 to 1994. All while creating tons of innovations in the paragliding harness department, from intricate reserve parachute systems to self-locking quick-release buckles and the ABS concept (Anti Balancing System). 

A few years ago, Sup’Air decided to spread its wings and launched their first one. It started out as an exciting challenge for the brand’s team, and it’s been highly regarded by pros ever since. 

At the core of Sup’Air resides the desire to continually innovate and improve the products within the paragliding industry, in hopes of making it a safe and exciting adventure for everyone to enjoy. 

When it comes to Sup’Air is gear, the quality is undeniable. They are committed to high-quality raw materials provided by local, European, suppliers and it’s all manufactured within the continent, which allows them to overlook the process and ensure the highest quality. 

Check out all the Sup’Air paragliders. There’s something for every pilot, whether you are a beginner or a pro. 

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