New Supair Access 2 harnesses available!

Supair is proud to announce the release of 2 new harnesses! Available in a Bumpair or Airbag version, the Supair Access 2 is aimed at pilots learning the activity, in progression or looking to buy their first harness as well as paragliding instructors willing to share the basic skills and joys of flying.


The first generation Access harnesses (Airbag / Back) have been used for many years across the globe by paragliding school instructors and pilots discovering the activity. With insightful feedback from resellers and pilots, Supair’s team worked on improving the Access’ passive safetydurability and handling in flight and on the ground.

Supair aim at making the instructors’ mission easier and freeing the pilots’ minds so that they can focus exclusively on learning the fundamental skills that paragliding requires without worrying about their gear.

The overall aspect of the harness has been redesigned to give it a modern look. No need to embark on the durability/weight debate: The Access 2 remains made with heavy-duty Cordura fabric but is lighter than the first-generation Access!

Whether in its Airbag or Bumpair version, the ACCESS 2 has been conceived using an identical base structure (geometry, seat, accessories, rescue parachute pocket, dorsal storage pocket, and mini-Bump).  The parachute pocket features a handle with a double rod to reduce unintentional opening while ground handling.

Now, you only have to choose which version, Airbag or Bump, will get to be the companion of your or your student’s progression!

SUPAIR ACCESS 2 AIRBAG : We optimised the airbag protection on the Access 2 thanks to a interchangeable Mylar allowing greater durability. The harness is still equipped with a Mini-bump protection located between the parachute and the backrest.

Our R&D team put a lot of effort in making sure that the fitting of the 3 sizes (S, M and L) would suit a great range of pilot sizes.

The SUPAIR ACCESS 2 Airbag weighs 3945 g in size M (with all accessories) and is now available for order. 

Size S is in stock while sizes M & L will be in early May.


ACCESS 2 BUMP : The Access 2 Bump offers a shock absorption system consisting of a brand new high-efficiency foam protection under the seat. The harness is still equipped with a Mini-bump protection located between the parachute and the backrest in addition to the Bumpair.

The harness range of sizes now includes an XL-size for tall pilots.

The ACCESS 2 Bump weighs 4225 g in size M (with all accessories) and is also available for order.

Sizes S, M & L are in stock while the XL will be out in the near future.

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