Introducing RAST – Maximum Control for Your Paragliding Experience

Introducing RAST – Maximum Control for Your Paragliding Experience

Welcome to Let’s Go Paragliding! Today, we’re excited to introduce you to an innovative technology that has revolutionized the paragliding experience – RAST, the Ram Air Section Technology by SWING. As pioneers in the paragliding equipment industry, SWING has been committed to making paragliding safer and more enjoyable for over 30 years. RAST is a significant milestone in achieving that goal, and we can’t wait to tell you all about it.

What is RAST?

RAST stands for Ram Air Section Technology, and it is a technical design element integrated into select SWING paragliders. The primary objective of RAST is to provide maximum control to pilots during their flights. SWING understands that the best paraglider is one that responds precisely to the pilot’s commands in every situation. RAST ensures just that – exceptional control in all flight conditions.

How Does RAST Work?

RAST achieves its remarkable capabilities by dividing the canopy of the paraglider into different pressure zones. These zones are created by one or more fabric panels with valves transverse to the direction of flight. This division of the canopy allows for controlled regulation of airflow inside the glider.

To understand this better, think of RAST as compartment walls in a tank. The separated sections within the canopy enable precise control over the air equalization flows during take-off and deflating. This technology is particularly beneficial in turbulent conditions, as it enhances the glider’s stability and maneuverability, making it easier for pilots to handle challenging situations.

The Benefits of RAST

The advantages that RAST offers to individual pilots can vary depending on their experience level. For seasoned pilots, RAST allows them to fully exploit the performance potential of their glider even in the most demanding conditions. It adds an extra dimension of confidence and control to their flights.

On the other hand, beginners and paragliding schools highly appreciate the support provided by RAST during take-off. The technology ensures a smoother and more controlled inflation process, making the initial stages of flight less intimidating for new pilots.

Moreover, RAST serves as an additional tension level for the leading and trailing edges of the paraglider, significantly enhancing flight comfort. By connecting the ribs over the entire profile height, RAST adds structural stiffness to the glider. This innovative construction method allows for savings in reinforcements and stiffening elements, making the paraglider lighter and more efficient. Want to view our SWING wings? Click here!

The Safety Aspect

Safety is paramount in paragliding, and SWING understands that well. RAST plays a crucial role in ensuring a higher level of safety for pilots. In cases of pressure loss, such as collapses, RAST helps maintain relative internal pressure in the CORE section while absorbing the introduced energy through the BUFFER section by deformation. This feature minimizes the impact of collapses and improves the glider’s overall stability.

Swing NYOS 2 RS
Introducing RAST - Maximum Control for Your Paragliding Experience 2

At Let’s Go Paragliding, we are always striving to offer our customers the best and most advanced paragliding equipment. SWING’s RAST is undoubtedly a game-changer in the paragliding world, providing maximum control, stability, and safety to pilots of all skill levels.

Whether you are an experienced pilot seeking to push the boundaries of your performance or a beginner looking for a reliable and user-friendly glider, RAST has something to offer everyone.

So, why wait? Experience the magic of RAST-enabled paragliders and take your flying adventures to new heights with Let’s Go Paragliding and SWING’s cutting-edge technology! Happy soaring! Check out the SWING NYOS 2 RS imaged above here!

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