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Swing Escape Reserve Parachute First rescue with Flap Valve System for fastest opening and best pendulum stability

The Swing Escape Reserve Parachute a reserve of the latest generation is released. Its very rapid opening, unequalled low sink rate and high level of pendulum stability will put your mind at ease even in a case of emergency.

SWING’s new ESCAPE series uses an innovative valve system, which has made it possible for the first time to combine the advantages of the tried and tested double canopy (high level of opening safety and pendulum stability, rapid opening time) with the advantages of a ‘traditionally’ designed reserve (easy to pack, advantage with respect to load).

The principle of the double canopy has been used:

when the reserve opens, a total of 8 vent flaps ensure additional airflow into the reserve from the centre. This reduces opening time considerably and improves opening safety. It differs from the double canopy in closing the vent flaps after inflation which, combined with optimised design, leads to greater efficiency. A further advantage of the vent flaps is that they allow compensating airstreams into the canopy, which can counter possible pendulum motion.

Use of a special zero-porosity material further assists opening behaviour and efficiency, meaning that the same sink rates can be achieved while the amount of materials used is reduced. This in turn has a positive effect on pack size and weight. The best example of this is the Escape M which, with a maximum load of 105kg, weighs just 1.05kg – meaning it is one of the lightest reserves with LTF certification available, or even the lightest!

Use of rubber tabs in the internal container is a further safety measure. The suspension lines are attached to these, so on opening the reserve the lines tighten in a controlled manner. This makes it practically impossible for the lines to get crossed. The colour scheme for the reserve chute and the internal container in signal colours complete the well thought-out design.

  • Quick release and opening in an emergency
  • Good stability even at high release speeds
  • Greatly reduced tendency to swing due to outlet openings
  • 12 years lifetime with proper care
  • light weight
  • small packing volume
  • fast opening

The Swing Escape Parachute new features at a glance:

  • The double-top surface design with closable valves allows the reserve to open very rapidly.
  • The optimised form improved its top surface and reduced its weight, two factors which have a positive effect on opening time.
  • Special zero-porosity material reduces weight and improves opening speed.
  • New line loops in the internal container ensure that the lines unfold in a controlled manner. They also prevent the lines from getting tangled above the canopy or unintentional deployment.

Who’s the Escape for?

The ESCAPE is the first choice for any pilot who wants more than just a second chance. In particular, its extremely low weight and pack size, combined with very good descent rates, suggest that the ESCAPE is destined for use in convertible harnesses and /or lightweight harnesses such as the Connect Reverse, or as a second reserve – in a separate front container or in the integrated front container of the Connect Race.

Escape M: 22m2, 1.05kg

The smallest size of Escape differs in several respects from the ESCAPE L and XL. Its impressive small pack size and very low weight of just 1050g make it the perfect option for:

  • very light pilots
  • competition pilots wanting a second reserve, and
  • mini-wing or mountaineer pilots.

The ESCAPE – small, lightweight and reliable, especially when time is of the essence.

LTF homologationAIRT-RG-052.2012AIRT-RG-054.2012AIRT-RG-055.2012
CEN homologationAIRT-RG-054.2012AIRT-RG-055.2012
Recommended weight range
(kg) Min/Max incl. equipment
maximum load, EN (kg), max incl. equipment110 kg125 kg
maximum load,  LTF (kg), max incl. equipment105 kg110 kg125 kg
Wing area (m²)223034
Projected wing area (m²)
Weight including container (kg)1,01,51,7
opening time (sec.)Test 1 – 2,20
Test 2 – 2,12
Test 1 – 2,64
Test 2 – 2,48
Test 1 – 2,88
Test 2 – 2,92
takeoff weight > sink rate105 kg – 6,4 m/s110 kg – 5,2 m/s125 kg – 5,3 m/s
takeoff weight > sink rate100 kg – 6,2 m/s100 kg – 5,0 m/s100 kg – 4,7 m/s
takeoff weight > sink rate80 kg – 5,5 m/s80 kg – 4,4 m/s80 kg – 4,2 m/s


Scope of delivery

  • Swing Escape
  • Rescue container
  • Operating Instructions

Optional accessories

  • Front container

Operating Instructions


Additional information

Weight5 lbs

M (22m^2) – 70 to 105 kg, L (30m^2) – 70 to 110 kg, XL (34m^2) – 80 to 125 kg

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