• GIN Helmet New


    GIN helmet no more in production you can choose some others free-flight helmets 

  • $17.00

    Swing Mirage RS

    $2,060.00$2,270.00 Buy Now
  • SW Inner Bag

    SW Inner Bag

    Inner bag – Swing accessories

  • Swing towing adapter
  • Connect Side Protection
  • Relax Bar

    Relax Bar

    Relax Bar is a Footrest for mounting on the main carabiner. Featuring a fall-back protection.

  • Frontcontainer Connect Race

    Frontcontainer Connect Race

    Frontcontainer Connect Race Can be mounted on the Connect Race harness instead of the cockpit. Offers space for an additional rescue parachute.

  • Powerfly Carabiner
  • Carabiner aluminium (piece) - Woody Valley / Camp
  • Spreader Bar NT
  • Brake Handle Multi Grip
  • SYS'Alti V3
  • Twin 5/5S ( Tandem) Paraglider

    Keep the well-proven and improve it with the latest technologies: this was the motto for the development of the Twin 5/5S.

  • Sensis Paraglider

    Intuitively, like your sixth sense.

    Designing the SENSIS latest simulation methods have been applied and we incorporated plenty of high-tech from the upper classes. These include 3D-shaping of the leading edge, complex interior structure and miniribs. Only 3 rows of lines on the risers also make the start preparations a breeze. 

    Size: XS – XL

  • Lite Rigid Spreader-Bars
  • LITE FLEXIBLE spreader-bars
  • Carbone XC Seat Plate

    Carbone XC Seat Plate

    • CARBONE XC carbon seat plates equip harnesses used to fly in a reclined posture with foot-rest or Speedbag support.
    • The CARBONE XC seat plates come in various sizes: the frost dimension is the width, and the second, the depth.
  • Carbon Seat Plate

    Carbon Seat Plate

    Carbon fiber seat plates equip the light harnesses and can also replace wooden seat plates with corresponding sizes to reduce the overall weight by about 500 g.
    The carbon seat plates come in various sizes: the first dimension is the width, and the second, the depth.

  • paragliding light airbag

    Light Airbag

    A removable light airbag protector. Designed for RADICAL.

  • Cockpit Radio Pocket

    Radio Pocket


    Radio Pocket consists of Neoprene housing to connect to the shoulder strap and accommodates most hand-held radios.

  • Paragliding hardware: Connect
  • Speed Bar Kit 3B Ratchet

    Speed Bar Kit 3B Ratchet

    Supair speedbar 3 B with adjustment elasticated cords to be affixed at the bottom of the Speedbag. Not in the way. Does not impede movement.

  • 3D Speed Bag

    3B Speed Bag

    • Triple-stage accelerator to accept HARKEN pulleys et be retrofitted inside the Speedbag.
    • Delivered with the SKYPPER FR.
    • Adaptable to the SKYPPER and XP2 Speedbags.
  • Paragliding 2b Speed bag

    Supair 2B Speed Bar

    • Double stage speed-bar for HARKEN 29 mm pulleys.
    • This accelerator is delivered with the SKYPPER.
    • Adaptable inside the SKYPPER, XP2, DELIGTH, DELIGTH² and EVO XC3 Speedbags.
  • Supair 2B light speed bar

    Supair 2B Light Speed Bar





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