The First Steps to Becoming A Paraglider

There you were, driving along the road when you noticed something out in the horizon soaring across the sky. You watched as the parade of colorful wings harmoniously glided across the air in sync so effortlessly that you can almost feel the freedom from where you are sitting. It was at that very moment that ignited your craving to experience that thrill and sent you on a mission to becoming a paraglider yourself.

Alright, maybe your desire for learning to paraglide was not that cut and dry or romanticized. Nonetheless, just about every seasoned and newbie paraglider agrees that paragliding is an awesome extreme sport for those looking for an intense adrenaline boost. With that being said, regardless of what sparked your interest, here is a comprehensive overview of the first steps to becoming a paraglider so you can finally get in on the heart-pumping action.

  1. Book A Tandem Flight:

    1. Even if you believe that learning to paraglide is your next big mission in life, always book a tandem flight first so you can really get a feel of what it is like. The feeling while in the air is much different than looking up from the ground. This is a way for you to either turn away or solidify your decision that this is what you want to pursue.
  2. Sign Up for A Course:

    1. After your tandem flight, if you are still on board, check out some local paragliding courses from respected schools that can comb through the fine turn details of how paragliding works. They will teach you all about the right safety measures, ground handling practice, taking off, landing, steering, and much more. Furthermore, you must obtain a certification in order to fly alone.
  3. Buy the Right Gear:

    1. Once you get certified, congratulations! The next step to becoming a paraglider is getting the right gear that is both qualities assured and fitted to your skill level. As a beginner, go with a beginner wing, harness, etc. so you can safely control it. As you get better, you can upgrade to new gear to reflect your advancement.
  4. Think About Joining A Club or Association:

    1. Are you the only one you know that has taken on this new sport? If so, know that you do not have to fly alone every single time. Try looking for local paragliding clubs in your area (there are bound to be a few) the best way would be to look at the national association:, where you will find a list of schools close to you. This will allow you to gain more insight from multi-level pilots to support your own development and make you some pretty close friends along the way.


If you truly have your heart set on paragliding and enjoying the rush of it all, then that is absolutely great. In fact, if you want to be super analytical, that is the initial starting point that begins the learning to the paraglide domino effect in the first place. It all boils down to your passion, drive to learn, willingness to optimize safety, and starting the process taking one step at a time.

Keep in mind that though it might feel like a lot, that does not mean you shouldn’t enjoy yourself along the way! As you venture through these first steps to becoming a paraglider, soak in the joy and experience as you go. And understand that everything you are being taught is all building you up to that prideful moment when you can finally take off solo.

Good luck, and welcome to the paragliding family!

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