Supair Skypper 2

In 2018 Supair unveil the new Skypper 2 at the “Coupe Icare” the biggest international flying meet France.

Once more Supair deliver a harness with great attention on details. As usual to offer to the customer this amazing combination of high level of safety and performance.

The Skypper 2 is the latest harness from Supair’s new R&D team. Higher level of passive safety, latest accessories, comfort, in short an amazing accomplishment of workmanship.

Specially designed for demanding pilot looking for comfort on long flight and performances.

First, the Skypper 2 offer an improved shock absorption with a thick foam protection which also add a better aerodynamics to the shape of the harness

In addition the stiff backrest of the Skypper 2 offer a better comfort escpecially on long flights, but also add a better stability in roll, improving the steering precision.

The harness has every accessory a pilot could ask for: large capacity cockpit including a removable second rescue parachute pocket, Drag parachute pocket, storage pockets, wide seat plate and so on… Besides, a great number of possible adjustments allow an optimal adaptation to every pilot’s size.

• Its unique design and colourwaysIts modern look marks a milestone for Supair in terms of design. To make sure that no one is left behind, the Skypper 2 will be available in 2 colourways : a clean and sober colour and a more « punchy » one for the more adventurous pilots !

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