Our paragliding Store selection for paragliding and paramotor ressources

Our paragliding store ressources

Paragliding and Paramotor info:
We manage our paragliding online store with the motivation to educate people, either on the gear we sell or on paragliding and paramotor in general.

We did run our paragliding School in New York, Letsgoparagliding, for 10 years with good success, and a lot of our students becoming great pilots today.
We know by experience that our sports paragliding and paramotor are in constant evolution, so it’s important to have access to info, magazines, tip and tricks to follow all the new technologies and trends, techniques.

We sell in our paragliding store a good choice of books and DVDs. But there is also a good choice of the magazine online to get access to awesome info and updates about paragliding and paramotor.

First you can get access to this free magazine:

It is very well done and designed. the content is regularly updated with tons info about the new technologies in paragliding or paramotor designs, new materials used for the conception of paragliding and paramotor wing.
We like to see the the the reviews about the flying gear we offer in our paragliding and paramotor store.

Paragliding and HangGliding Association 

If you want to become a paraglider or a HangGlider pilot, then you will need to become a member of the US paragliding association (USHPA). And by becoming a member you will receive a free monthly magazine
(Become member = free monthly magazine) and the website itself is a fantastic source of information.


The USPPA PPG association:

If you want to become a paramotor pilot, I believe it’s important to become a member of the PPG association:

In the same way as the USHPA web site the paramotor association is an amazing source of information to help you to learn safely, find good paramotor instructor.


Another extremely Good quality magazine online (you need to pay a membership)
Great paragliding and paramotor equipment reviews. Good competition updates. Great pilots interviews. XCMAG is a fantastic paragliding and paramotor magazine always available on your phone and tablet.

Airspace Law Ultralights

The best video to learn about airspace.
If you want to become a paragliding or a paramotor pilot you need to master the understanding of Airspace. For example, because you can have a restricted airspace just next to your flying site. So there is a lot of book explaining the basic but I really think that this video is a fantastic tool to really understand all the detail about airspace in general. And in an attractive 3D demonstration.
(a must for all pilot)

If you like paper books and are more on your way to become a paramotor or ppg pilot then the PPG bible if full of all the good info to get started on the right path.

About the Author

Jeff Goin has been flying since age 13, starting with gliders and now as a 737 Captain for a major airline. But when he discovered powered paragliding, everything changed as the sport became a burning passion.

He founded the U.S. Powered Paragliding Association in 2001

He also Wrote the script to their top-selling Risk & Reward video which was produced by Lite Touch Films.

The Powered Paragliding Bible was a result of concern over the lack of a truly comprehensive training manual.

Jeff has been a 3-time USPPA National Champion and placed 6th in the 2009 World Air Games.

Book for PPG 

If you want to become a paragliding pilot you will need to get ratings :
www.ushpa.org ratings and skills introduction.

Book Paragliding Manual

To help you we found that one of the best manuals available that will help you to get all the knowledge necessary to pass your ratings at least to P3  would be


PPG Tip and tricks

As a Paramotor pilot you will surely enjoy the info they put in that DVD:
Awesome video PPG Tip and tricks

In our paragliding shop we enjoy new products but we also like to know that our customers are progressing into our sport toward excellence so we like to promote new paragliding and paramotor products but we also enjoy sharing all the pilots knowlede available.

Keeping our sport fun and safe!

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