How Long Does It Take to Be Able to Fly Alone?

How Long Does It Take to Be Able to Fly Alone?

Going from paragliding tandem to flying alone is something every paragliding enthusiast dreams about. They crave the freedom to experience the euphoric views, steer on their own terms, and self-reflect on their own as they soak in the moment. But the fact of the matter is safety is always first when it comes to a risky recreational sport like this. So even though paragliding alone is certainly something you will be able to do at some point, you have to be willing to have the patience of learning how to do so before taking your first solo leap. 

The Process of Paragliding Tandem to Flying Alone

 Laying this out there up front- most of the time, it takes the average new paraglider about 10 to 15 days of training before they can paraglide alone. Keep in mind that this is an average duration and it can take longer depending on your comfortability and the effort you put into learning about the art of it all. Overall, within that flexible duration, you will need to take respected courses and be accompanied by an experienced instructor who will teach you all about gear operating, safety, and sky rules. 

For easier reference, below are the typical steps it takes for someone to go from wanting to fly to actually flying alone. 

1. Decide you want to paraglide and book a tandem flight to see if it is something you want to continue to pursue. 

2. Enroll in a reputable paragliding course and work with an instructor. They will also be able to guide you on what type of paragliding gear you should get to maximize your safety and give you the ability to increase your skill level. 

3. During your training, you will start small, working with small jumps about 40 meters high in order to get accustomed to take-off methods, steering, and ground handling. Your instructor(s) will support you and work with you on areas you are struggling with until you’ve got it down. 

4. After your instructor thinks you are ready and you are confident, they will be there to help you take your first real flight and put everything you learned to the test. This might not be a long flight, but it will be one will remember for the rest of your life. 

5. Once you are certified to paraglide alone, then you are free to fly whenever and wherever you want (as long as you are not flying in no-flying zones, etc.). Feel free to pair up with others who have the same paragliding passion as you, and go out flying together to enjoy all that this invigorating sport has to offer. You’ve earned it! 

Conclusion – You’ll Get There

Finally getting to the point where you can paraglide alone is without a doubt something worth celebrating. You hit your most significant milestone yet, and the ability to fly on your own terms is something you should be proud of. Alternatively, if you are someone who is still in the beginning learning phases, know that your time will come too. You will get there eventually, and as long as you stay committed to the process, you can have the peace of mind knowing that when you do get to go paragliding alone, you will be fully ready and prepared to fly safely. In the meantime, enjoy the steps as you experience them. Take in the process for what it is, and know that it is all shaping you to become the best solo paraglider that you can possibly be. Good luck, and stay safe!

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