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SKYWALK Core Harness Reduced. To the core.

The CORE is the ultimate lightweight harness, built to meet the high demands of mountaineers and Hike/Climb&Fly enthusiasts. In the development of the harness, which weighs only 410 grams, our focus was on: lightness, stability, intuition, and most of all comfort. And without sacrificing safety. The CORE has a modular design and can be equipped with an LTF91/09-approved PERMAIR protector in just a few steps. It weighs a total of only 800 grams, which makes it the lightest harness with permanent protector on the market and is aimed specifically at Hike&Fly-Race-Athletes.

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The CORE is modular and available in two versions. The PURE Set accompanies you on fast Hike&Fly tours or difficult climbing routes. The PermAir Add-On turns the CORE into a PERMAIR Set and offers full protection even before launch. Also, thanks to its ultra compact packing size the CORE is the perfect travel companion and is further more ideal as a passenger harness for Hike&Fly tandem flying.


The CORE eliminates bulky buckles and adjustment straps. The elastic shoulder straps adapt to your size, ensure an optimal fit during the launch phase and rest comfortably on your shoulders in the air. Red and blue marked seams in the loops improve the overview while small SALEWA sling protectors prevent the carabiners from twisting in the straps. In flight, insulation foam in the complete seat and a PE board in the leg loops ensure an extremely comfortable fit and counteract the cold.


The packing size of the CORE is ultra-compact. A small, narrow pocket stores the ultra-lightweight harness and lets you pack it in even the smallest Hike&Fly rucksack with ease. Its unisize covers body sizes from 1,65 to 1,95 meters. That’s all you need.

PURE Set – 410 g

  • Storage bag
  • Seat shell
  • Speed system
  • Carabiner
  • Sternum Strap

PermAir Add-On

CORE PermAir Add on

PERMAIR Set – 800 g

  • Storage bag
  • Seat shell
  • Speed system
  • Carabiner
  • Sternum Strap
  • PERMAIR Add-On
  • PERMAIR Mouthpiece
  • Inflation Bag



The further development of our first PERMAIR protector generation has a practical inflate/deflate check valve that makes the filling of your protector significantly easier. PERMAIR 2.0 protectors can also be inflated in several ways. In addition to the previously common variant with the inflation bag and compression function, you now have the option to fill your protector in a minimalist way via the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece includes a moisture filter to minimize the introduction of moisture and is included in the PERMAIR Set scope of delivery.

CORE Inflation Bag


The most common way to fill your PERMAIR protector with air is to use the Inflationbag. Connect the Inflationbag to the valve and blow into the opening. Close the bag by rolling it until pressure builds up in the Inflationbag. Apply more pressure by pumping on the Inflationbag to allow air to flow into the PERMAIR protector. You will feel a pressure increase in the Inflationbag when the protector is completely filled. After that, it is not possible to pump more air into the protector.

Inflationbag: Versatile use

CORE Mouthpiece



Connect the grey part of the mouth piece to the valve. Make sure the HME-filter (heat moisture exchanger) is inside the mouth piece (blue spongy) and start with inflating by blowing inside the transparent opening. The protector is fully inflated once you feel significant resistance of air pressure when blowing inside.


Pilot height (cm)165 – 190
Width chest (cm)39 – 48
Weight (g) PURE Set410
Weight (g) PERMAIR Set800
CertificationLTF 91/09 & EN 1651:1999
Homologation officeAir Turquoise
Maximum load (kg)100



Additional information

Weight4 lbs

CORE PURE Set(Harness Only), CORE PERMAIR Set(Harness + PERMAIR Add-On), CORE PERMAIR Add-On(Only)

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  1. 01

    by bctigwelding (verified owner)

    The Core is a great harness! Ive flown the Advance Strapless, and the Skywalk Breeze. Being a skinny 6’1″ the Core fits me best for my UL needs, also fits my shorter buddy quite well. No real complaints about the Advance Strapless, very similar, just didnt check off as many boxes since theirs no permair inflatable protector add-on like the Core has.
    The Core doesnt crowd me too high up between the legs. The M Breeze legs straps are fully up there between my legs, takes a lot of adjustment to get it just right and my booty as far back into the seat as possible to try and get some room. So as far as Ridge soaring, a lot of take off/landing/ground handling the Core rides the comfiest all around trasnitioning, I seem to get crushed the least with the Core. For hike & fly if i dont want my Breeze and can just throw my Fly Neo Container and the Core with the Permair and im good to go

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