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Nova Inverto Backpack & Airbag INVERTO – the amazing backpack that protects

The INVERTO is well thought-out 985 gram light rucksack with a volume of 60 litres, which is converted into an airbag in seconds. It not only protects the posterior (as is the case with other harnesses of this type), but also the back area. The INVERTO is the perfect partner to the MONTIS, our mountaineering harness (not included).

More safety

Many hike & fly harnesses are fitted with protection which only protects the posterior. The INVERTO offers all-round protection – the airbag begins under the thighs and nearly extends to the neck area.

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More space

With a 60 litre capacity, the INVERTO has plenty of room for a neatly folded paraglider and gear. Anything that needs to be accessed quickly can be stored in the top pocket. On the sides the INVERTO has pockets for a drinks bottle and a camera.

More comfort

The back and the carry straps are made from open-cell foam, which is covered by a mesh. Combined with a well thought-out backpack design, this means a high degree of comfort when carrying – even in high temperatures.

Nova Inverto Backpack & Airbag

Target group

The INVERTO can be combined with the MONTIS, our mountaineering harness, to make a rucksack and airbag, which makes it perfect for hike & fly. It is aimed at any pilot who wants good packing volume, comfort when carrying and a high degree of passive safety.

Nova Inverto Backpack & Airbag

Technical data

One size
Harness weightg985
Certification (EN&LTF)PH 131.2015
Energy absorbtion valueg26



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Everything without compromise.

Not an ideal rucksack, not an ideal harness – traditional reversible harnesses have had to be a compromise between both. Our Inverted Bag gets rid of this contradiction.

Air that protects.

Airbags offer an unbeatable weight to usefulness ratio. Our airbags are constructed to inflate rapidly and to protect the pilot’s posterior including as much of the back area as is practically possible.

Ultimate lightness.

Harnesses with the label Light Weight are extremely light and are ideally suited for mountaineering. The weight reduction is made possible by an intelligent mixture of materials and a smart construction.


Additional information

Weight3 lbs
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Nova Inverto Backpack Airbag


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