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Nova Altus Harness – lightness meets safety – The sporty lightweight

At only 3.5 kilograms the ALTUS is extraordinarily light, extremely comfortable and for its class, has a unique level of safety: under the seat is a ready for action Pre-inflated Airbag. This airbag is shaped using a durable foam mesh. Once in the air, the airbag also supports the pilot’s back.


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More safety.

The ALTUS is fitted with an innovative Pre-inflated Airbag. When the harness is taken out of the bag, a durable and mechanically robust foam mesh starts to expand, which pre-inflates the airbag. Once in the air, this protection is augmented with a thick cushion of air around the pilot’s back. The parachute container is fitted within the airbag in order to minimise injury in the case of an impact where the reserve has not been deployed.

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More flying fun.

An innovative and size-appropriate geometry (for more info see the Taylor-made Geometry section below) has allowed our test pilots to develop a well-thought-out combination of turbulence dampening with the agility required for precise wing control. The chest strap allows sufficient adjustment possibilities to match individual requirements. The stiff but simultaneously ergonomically comfortable seat plate facilitates precise flying.

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More compact.

Large packs and big weight are history: due to its Pre-inflated Airbag, the ALTUS is small and at 3.5kg is extraordinarily light but without compromising on passive safety. The foam mesh can be highly compressed and apart from the material, the airbag packs down to nothing. The ALTUS is therefore the perfect all-round harness for a diverse range of pilots.

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Target Group

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The ALTUS is suitable for a diverse range of pilots. It offers a high degree of passive safety combined with little weight and excellent flying characteristics. In contrast to most reversible harnesses, it is intended for everyday use.

A summary of the most important points:


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  • High passive safety despite little weight, thanks to the Pre-inflated airbag.
  • The rescue container is enclosed within the airbag; the parachute handle is individually adjustable.
  • The left hang point is red, the right green – this helps to avoid incorrectly connecting the risers. In the PRION 3 this colour scheme has also been used for the risers.
  • The leg loops are also differentiated by colour: left is green, right is red.
  • The leg and chest straps are separate in order to improve the pilot’s feeling of connection to the harness and additionally to avoid the leg loops getting in the way during groundhandling.
  • The buckle on the chest strap is connected to a leg loop with a safety strap.
  • A handy pouch can be used to store a camera or muesli bars – it is within easy reach and secured with a zip.
  • A piece of Velcro on the shoulder strap permits easy attachment of a mini-vario or SPOT device.
  • The panel on the bottom of the harness can be replaced – any evidence of an untidy landing can be removed easily (for more info see the Abrasion Protector section below)


Ready for action before take off. Our Pre-inflated Airbag has addressed one of the main disadvantages of traditional airbag systems – even before take off the bag begins to inflate. It is not necessary to be flying in order to let the airflow inflate the bag and make it effective.
Quick tidy up. Landing on your behind can lead to scratches and dirt on the bottom of your harness which can be difficult or impossible to remove. The Abrasion Protector is a replaceable bottom panel which can be easily removed and substituted for a new one.
In control. The seat board is an integral element designed to maintain the shape of the harness. It determines both the width and the length of the seat. Harnesses with seat boards are perfect for pilots who like a high degree of stability.
Cleverly integrated.A tube container is a type of pocket where the parachute is enclosed on three sides – only one side opens. This system guarantees good positioning, simple deployment and good protection from external damage.
The perfect fit. Our S and L sizes are not just scaled copies of the M size. Every size is individually designed. The result is Tailor-made Geometry: every pilot has the optimal seat position – no more “off the peg” disproportional geometry!
Light and durable. Lightweight harnesses combine low weight with a high durability and robustness. This is made possible by using high quality fabric and clever cutting to keep unnecessary material to a minimum.


Technical Data

Pilot heightcm<171170-180>180
Harness weightkg3.53.74.0
CertificationPH 130.2015
Maximum clip-in weight130 kg (LTF)
Energy absorbtion valueg24
ColoursNOVA Red


Outer & inner shellNylon Ripstop
Main and shoulder strapsPolyester
Leg loopsPolyester
Chest strapPolyamid
CarabinerAustriAlpin Stratus
BucklesAluminum buckles, T-Lock-System
ProtectionPre-inflated Airbag




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Scope of delivery

Stratus Carabiners.25mm autolock carabiner for paragliding. Made of aluminium. Developed and made in Austria.

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Manual. We have enclosed a very detailed manual which contains everything you need to know about your flying equipment. Please study it before flying your gear for the first time. 

Additional information

Weight3 lbs

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