• Advance FastPack
  • Gin X-lite rucksack
  • Gin Yeti X-Lite Bag

    Gin Yeti X-Lite Bag – 50L

    The Yeti X lite bag is meant for”Hike and Fly” motivated pilots with optimized weight and storage.

    The design is especially made for increased stability for long walks on rough terrain.

    With a great balanced weight on shoulders and hips and side to side

  • Advance ComfortPack

    Advance ComfortPack – 100-145L

    The Advance COMFORTPACK 3 offers:

    • superior carrying comfort,
    • ample space for all your paragliding equipment,
    • Small additional storages,
    • clean design.
  • Gin Lite Rucksack

    Gin Lite Rucksack – 80/90L

    Gin Lite Rucksack 90L and 80L lightweight rucksack designed to carry all your light equipment (paraglider, harness, rescue system, helmet…).

  • NOVA CITO Fast Packing Bag

    NOVA CITO Fast Packing Bag

    The NOVA CITO Fast Packing Bag is

    • super-easy to pack,
    • then shapes into a rucksack
    • and is as comfortable to carry as a backpack.
    • Solo or tandem wings.
  • Advance Fastpack Bi

    Advance Fastpack Bi

    The Advance FASTPACK BI was specially strengthened for professional. Comfortable, Robust, Adjustable shoulder straps delivery great carrying comfort.

    • Practical
    • Faster to pack
    • Robust
    • Comfortable
  • Gin Backpack XXL - 200L

    Gin Backpack XXL – 200L

    Gin Backpack XXL – 200L

    • 200 Liters GIN Rucksack.
    • To put all your paragliding or kite equipment.
    • Weight: 1.9KgColor: Yellow with details in black.
  • Supair Trek 90 Backpack

    Supair Trek 90 Backpack

    The TREK 90 backpack can also be used as an everyday bag. 

    • Light,
    • Ergonomic,
    • Polyvalent,

    It can accept a SpeedBag type harness similar to the DELIGHT² + a compact wing.

    Identical to the TREK 110, except for a slightly smaller volume design more adapted to carrying light gear.


  • Supair Trek Light 350G Backpacks


    Latest-model | NEW COLOR | TREK LIGHT 350 GREEN Available now

  • $170.00$180.00

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