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  • Gin X-lite rucksack
  • Gin Yeti X-Lite Bag

    Gin Yeti X-Lite Bag – 50L

    The Yeti X lite bag is meant for”Hike and Fly” motivated pilots with optimized weight and storage.

    The design is especially made for increased stability for long walks on rough terrain.

    With a great balanced weight on shoulders and hips and side to side

  • Advance ComfortPack

    Advance ComfortPack – 100-145L

    The Advance COMFORTPACK 3 offers:

    • superior carrying comfort,
    • ample space for all your paragliding equipment,
    • Small additional storages,
    • clean design.
  • Gin Lite Rucksack

    Gin Lite Rucksack – 80/90L

    Gin Lite Rucksack 90L and 80L lightweight rucksack designed to carry all your light equipment (paraglider, harness, rescue system, helmet…).

  • NOVA CITO Fast Packing Bag

    NOVA CITO Fast Packing Bag


    The NOVA CITO Fast Packing Bag is

    • super-easy to pack,
    • then shapes into a rucksack
    • and is as comfortable to carry as a backpack.
    • Solo or tandem wings.
  • Advance Fastpack Bi

    Advance Fastpack Bi

    The Advance FASTPACK BI was specially strengthened for professional. Comfortable, Robust, Adjustable shoulder straps delivery great carrying comfort.

    • Practical
    • Faster to pack
    • Robust
    • Comfortable
  • Gin Backpack XXL - 200L

    Gin Backpack XXL – 200L


    With a capacity of 200 litres, this sleek rucksack provides optimal storage for all your paragliding or kite equipment. Total weight of the Gin Backpack XXL is 1.9kg. Available in black with yellow details.

  • Supair Trek 90 Backpack

    Supair Trek 90 Backpack

    The TREK 90 backpack can also be used as an everyday bag. 

    • Light,
    • Ergonomic,
    • Polyvalent,

    It can accept a SpeedBag type harness similar to the DELIGHT² + a compact wing.

    Identical to the TREK 110, except for a slightly smaller volume design more adapted to carrying light gear.


  • Supair Trek Light 350G Backpack


    Designed and developed for the X-ALPS 2015, this unique bag is dedicated to the Hike & Fly races. This lightweight backpack is made from waterproof paraglider fabric and now available in a new 350G green color.

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    BGD Concertina Bag

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  • Swing fast packing bag

    Swing fast packing bag

    The Swing fast packing bag paragliding solo or tandem wing.
    The Swing fast packing bag can be compressed easily with the compression straps on the side.

  • $275.00
  • Gin Flight Deck 5L

    Gin Flight Deck 5L

    New flight deck specially designed for competition pilots.
    • Removable and adjustable 5 liter or 10 liter ballast holder depending on which size you choose.

    Removable velcro plate to conveniently carry your flight instruments to briefing.
    • Closing top with zipper to protect flight instruments when not flying.

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    SWING paraglider bag, backpack

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  • Ozone_wallet
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  • Gin Fast packing bag
  • Gin Backpack Lite

    Gin Backpack Lite


    The lite rucksack designed to carry all your light equipment. You can pack a lightweight or normal small wing with a light harness, rescue, and helmet.


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