Best Quality Paragliding Paramotor Helmets Available now
If you want to choose the right paragliding helmet or paramotor helmet you want to consider a few things. If you make the wrong choice you can make your experience from uncomfortable to unsafe.
First, consider only helmet flight certified. They are specially tested in-flight incident configuration. There are helmets specially designed for road bikes, some are specially designed for kayaking, some specially designed for paragliding, paramotor, PPG, or Hang Gliding.

You want to choose a helmet that meets the CE certification for better safety.
If you want to know what is EN966 standard you can read this great article in XC magazine:
Brain damaged yet? EN966 Standards for HangGliding and Paragliding Helmets 

  • Tinted Visor Charly No Limit Helmet

    Replacement Visor for the Charly No Limit helmets.

    Tinted Visor ONLY!

    The Tinted Visor is made specifically for the Charly No Limit helmets, and can be purchased to replace the Clear Visor that is included with these helmets.


    Tinted Visor Charly No Limit Helmet

    $15.00$115.00 Buy Now This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

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