Gin Paragliders – ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW- Should you get a Gin paraglider?

For some, paragliding is just fun, for others is a way of life. For Gin Seok Song, the founder of Gin Gliders, it’s the latter. That’s why his company has been able to create gliders of the highest quality consistently. Whether you are just starting out and having some fun flying around or you’re in it for the long haul, this brand might be exactly what you need.

In 1998, the paraglider and competition pilot Gin Seok Song decided to design his own wings. He built a team of engineers and test pilots, and Gin Gliders was born. The company was created based on a simple premise, design gliders that Gin himself would love to fly. Rightfully so, he believed that if he loved the wings, other pilots would love them too.

Ever since its foundation, no glider has been released without Gin’s 100% satisfaction, which says a lot about the company’s goal to provide the best performing wings, regardless of the level of the pilot.

They offer a wide range of gliders. Gin’s entry-level wing, named Bolero is the perfect fit for beginners, while the Boomerang is for the world-beating competition pilot. You can check them out below.

With more than 20 years of experience in designing paragliders, Gin is a paragliding brand known around the world, through a vast number of distributors and dealers. It’s also used by many professionals on competitions around the globe. The “GIN Team” has dominated the Paragliding World Cup since 1998, and has gone to win many championships.

The company believes that their results and high performance comes from their dedicated professionals and their relentless pursuit of the highest possible quality from manufacturing to customer service and support.

Explore their many different gliders down below and find the one that suits your abilities best. The quality, safety, and performance of their paragliding gear won’t disappoint.

You can find the GIN paragliders for pilots of all classes. Check it out!

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