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Ozone Submarine Ultimate Competition Pod Harness

The World Cup Superfinal is underway in Disentis, Switzerland, and three of our team pilots are flying a radical new harness design: The Submarine.

Ozone designer, Luc Armant, shares, “The idea behind this project was to drastically reduce drag by creating a fully inflated enclosure around the pilot without compromising safety.

I made the first version in 2006. It was a funny little yellow proto which I flew in some local competitions and people started calling it “the yellow submarine”. This was before I came to Ozone — at that time I also designed one for Bruce Goldsmith which he used for the World Championships in 2007.

We restarted the project again in 2017, and there were major structural and aerodynamic problems to solve in order for it to be a viable product. A huge amount of computer work and modelling was carried out by co-designer, Fred Pieri, to develop and test prototypes.

We barely managed to finish three harnesses for the Superfinal before our factory had to close due to Covid. We haven’t had much time to train with them or fully evaluate the performance but we feel this generation is finally ready to be tested at the highest level of competition.”

We anticipate that development work on this project will continue over the months following the Superfinal. Cheers from all the Ozone team, and we send our best wishes to all of the pilots in the Superfinal. We look forward to following the race!

The submarine is a low-drag, high-performance harness for serious XC and Competition flying. It is the result of a 5-year development process which included extensive testing, wind-tunnel research, and a prolonged beta phase with cooperation from some of the world’s top competition pilots.

The competitive Paragliding World Cup format has allowed us to fly certified versions of the harness to test and develop the harness in real conditions. We thank the pilots that were willing to try the different versions whilst the design team figured what worked and what did not. We must thank the PWC for being a great competition series that helps progress the performance and safety of our sport.

We think the final design in its various sizes has proven that replacing your current harness with the Submarine will likely result in a larger performance advantage than updating your wing with a newer model. We think it is a big step forward in harness design and we look forward to all pilots being able to benefit from this 5 years of development work.

The Submarine is now in general production. To get yours, please ask your local Ozone dealer. We have already had a lot of enquiries and have increased our production capacity in anticipation of demand, but as this is a highly technical harness to produce we ask pilots for their patience as the team in production work to fulfil the orders as fast as possible.

Designer’s Notes

  • Low profile fully inflated envelope with foam-filled dynamic pressure air intake.
  • Low parasitic drag once inflated and set in position.
  • High parasitic drag once fully open and piloted in an upright position, offering Anti-G characteristics for descent.
  • Immediately deflates after bending your legs in case of strong turbulence or wing collapse.
  • Good yaw stability at all speeds.
  • Good instrument visibility in most light.
  • Balanced agility and roll stability.
  • Fully self-supported seat and foot plate, refined from the Exoceat.
  • Adjustable pitch angle with easily adjustable webbing and multiple fore & aft ballast pockets.
  • Two side rescue containers with easy extraction.
  • Features the innovative Neo Koroyd back protector.
  • Large “flight deck” is fully adjustable in pitch angle.
  • Main cockpit is 4.5 Liters volume with two front outside pockets.
  • Optional extra cockpit, 2.0 Liter.
  • Under seat storage, 1.0 Liter.
  • Two Side pockets, 1.5 liter each.
  • Two upper pockets, 0.6 liter each.
  • Back storage, 13 liters, including 2 liter drinking pocket.
  • Competition speed bars with 3 one-foot steps, fully settable to any wing configuration.
  • Huge potential range of speed bar to be compatible with wings using the longest speed systems.



pilot height range (cm)160-176173-186183-194
total weight of all parts (kg)8.098.15nc
Load Test: Max Weight120120nc
EN certificationYesYesnc

* Weights may vary up to 50gm per size due to slight variations in the manufacturing of the fabric used.

Optional Spare Parts / Components:

  • Submarine structure comprising seats, inside storage and rescue pockets
  • Submarine envelope (the airtight skin of the submarine)
  • Wood seat plate
  • Pair of back bars
  • Main Cockpit, 4.5 liters
  • Instrument plate
  • Rescue handles
  • Foot Plate
  • 3 one-foot Speed bar
  • Foot cubes, 3 different sizes, to adapt the various foot-plate to envelope nose distance
  • Back Foam
  • Submarine protector
  • Exoceat Cockpit. Adaptable to the Submarine and offering slightly more volume storage. It could restrict the leg movement while catching the speed bar, depending on the various settings
  • Additional front cockpit. It can be attached to the main cockpit Offering 2 liters more of storage with easy access from the top envelope zip. Can also contain an anti-G chute


Additional information

Weight8 lbs

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