Supair brand was created by Pierre Bouilloux who was French Champion from 1990 to 1994.

Supair started mass production harnesses in 1982 and was at the origin as many innovations like the ABS system (Anti Balancing System) or the first self-locking quick-release leg and chest-strap buckles the first self-locking quick-release leg and chest-strap buckles

Then in 2007 the arrival of the “Team Supair Acro

The SUP’AIR brand name is world know today; especially in the paragliding harness arena and its various specialties. As the world-leading designer, SUP’AIR never looses focus on the fundamental basic idea that a harness in an integral part of the entire aircraft, hence adding safety, easier handling, and fun to the piloting experience.

SUP’AIR’s comprehensive professional approach to an evolving market is mainly due to a tight cooperative network between various European countries including France.

All SUP’AIR harnesses and Supair paragliders are Made in Europe and distributed through an enthusiastic professional dealership network. Nowadays, the team is experiencing a complete transformation while still projecting the image of a solid company thriving on innovative safe quality products.

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