GIN Fuse Pilot


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GIN Fuse Pilot Tandem Harness

The design concept of the GIN Fuse pilot was ease of use and safety; and also comfort, convenience and precise piloting.

The Get-up system is convenient and comfortable on take-off, and the flared front seat plate allows the easy positioning of the passenger between the pilot’s legs, improving the control of the wing and comfort during the flight.

The GIN Fuse pilot harness fits together beautifully in flight with the matching Fuse passenger harness to create a stable and unified profile in the air.

The harness comes in one size, but can be fully adjusted to accommodate a wide range of pilot sizes.


  •  Get up system for chest/leg straps for safety and ease of buckling
  •  flared front seat plate for passenger comfort and optimum inflight pilot comfort and wing control
  •  GinSoft Fuse mousse bag (14cm) with dual layer structure for optimal protection
  •  large, convenient back pocket with radio compartment and cable/drinks routing
  •  2 zippered lateral pockets, easily accessible in flight for quick access to small items
  •  dorsal rescue container can be installed with the deployment handle on either the left or right side,
  •  EN and LTF certified (max load 120kg)


3.8kg including triplex seat plate


One size

Delivered with rescue deployment handle, GinSoft Fuse mousse bag, GIN carabiners and wooden seat plate.




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Weight 3 lbs
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