• Paragliding DVD Performance flying

    Paragliding DVD Performance Flying

    DVD Performance Flying is set to redefine what’s possible in free flight cinematography. The clearest slow-motion sequences of paragliding maneuvers.

    DVD Performance Flying: the essential XC, Acro and SIV DVD by Jocky Sanderson

  • $35.00$39.00
  • Ozone wash bag


    The Ozone Wash bag, ideal for a multitude of uses… holds everything from your toothbrush, to whatever tools, first equipment, electronic cables, etc.


    Ozone wash bag

    $40.00$45.00 Buy Now
  • Ozone SAUCISSE Concertina Tube bag

  • Pop-up speed bar

  • Classic speed bar
  • Finger Mounted PPT Switch

    Finger Mounted PPT Switch comes with Clean and simple one-piece designIntegrated speaker and radios while it also Fits both full-face and open microphone

  • Foot Stirrup


    Foot Stirrup add the GIN footstrap to your harness: fits Gingo 2 and Gingo AirLight. The Genie 4 and Genie Race are delivered with foot stirrup included.

  • Hook knife eezycut


    Hook knife eezycut to cut you out in any high pressure situation! Great for any level of flyer.


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