The success of the SWING RAST system.

The success of the SWING RAST system.


Swing is a German company that has been soaring in the paragliding world since 1986. In fact, my very first wing, purchased all the way back in 1991, was a Swing. More recently, in 2015, Swing launched the company’s first glider, when it introduced the ”RAST” system.

At Let's Go Paragliding, we were one of the very first schools to start using the Mito with our students. The use of the Mito included extensive towing and mountain launches. The overall experience was a great success, and facilitated a lot of fun and safe flights for our students.

The concept of the RAST system is to separate the paraglider into different pressure areas, through the use of one or several partition valves. This creates sections which inflate and deflate, either more quickly or slower. This allows the system to influence internal pressure and, in doing so, gives the glider increased stability and collapse behavior. 


1) The Launch

  • The front half of the canopy inflates immediately, meaning there’s no need for folding of the center of the canopy.
  • Shorter take-off distance with tail wind: because of the way the glider inflates, the distance required for the launch is shorter, and the required speed for take-off is also less.
  • As long as the rear part of the canopy is not inflated, it acts like a reflex profile: this means it does not shoot forward as much.
  • When launching in zero wind or with a tail wind, delayed inflation of the rear section of the glider prevents the glider from shooting forward, while traditional gliders would follow the angle of the slope.
RAST on Launch

RAST on Launch

2) The Tamed Collapse

If you look at the picture above, you can see a full frontal collapse where you clearly see the RAST in action. The back part of the wing is still inflated, meaning the wing is still in control - even as the rear part of the wing is still inflated.

However, most important advantage of the RAST is that the reopening of the wing is much faster and more easy to handle. At Let’s Go Paragliding, we’ve always appreciate when brands put a lot of effort, thinking and money into more safety for our sport.

In conclusion, we are very happy to be able to promote amazing brands like Swing because of this.
You can read a lot more detail about the RAST in the PDF attached. You will receive detailed info regarding the RAST that was first installed into the Mito, the A-wing, and the Arcus RS and RS light soft B-wings. I am really enjoying flying with the Apus RS, and the Nyos, or B wing, is more of a fun XC machine.

Swing RAST frontal collapse

Swing RAST frontal collapse

Read the full article, including reviews about all the wings using the RAST system.

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