Excellent transaction, rocket delivery. Thanks for the service!


Yuriy Degtyarev

Excellent. Good communication. Glider I purchased was in near new condition for 1/2 the price of new.

Highly recommended. Even if you live nowhere near NY (I live in CA), you can trust them to give you a square deal.


Great! I love your commitment to customer service and attention to detail.


Jay Zollinger

curtious, prompt professional and knowledgeable

In too many Industries you find a lack of professionalism, knowledge and customer service and paragliding is no exception. That's wasn't the case with these folks. I highly recommend giving them a shot on any paragliding equipment needs.

Joe d

Good. While I was not able to get the equipment that I wanted since it was out of stock, I very much appreciated the prompt feedback and refund from the store, as well as an alternative option that was recommended. That denotes a business ethic that is commendable and increases my inclination to pursue future purchases from the store. For a recommendation, it would have been helpful to know when the item may have come back in stock from the store. It would have informed whether or not I waited to purchase it from the store, or pursued the alternate recommended option.

Good. So far, I have told folks about my experience above verbally, which I think is very positive, despite not having the item in stock.

Krista Auchenbach

Great! The hand warmers are the perfect accessory to winter flying and a must for all. Thanks!

If flying high, or winter flying, theses are a must have!

Robert Stone

Great, they provided quick responses and when the item wasn't what was shown on the website they quickly issued a refund.

I would recommend ParaglidingEquipment.com to my friends.

Nick Abey

​Howdy....I got the Woody Valley Exact harness today AND LOVE IT!

It fit's fine & I even went out and hung under a tree in freezing weather for a few minutes 🙂

​Thanks for the deal & the very fast shipping too.

​I really appreciate that. By the way, I am still using the Vario I bought from you too.

Sincerely, Tommy Thompson

Tommy Thomson Paraglider Pilot

My experience with the purchase of equipment was very good, very clear and as if it is a family or friends treatment.

I would recommend it as a safe, reliable, fast and clear service.

Carlos Alberto Solla Magliocca Paramotor pilot

Recently I bought paragliding equipment the price was very competitive. The merchandise came on time

I will definitely buy again from paraglidingEquipment.com.

I would recommend this paragliding store to my friends.

Shmuel Sin Paraglider and Paramotor pilot