Sys Evolution from Syride

Sys Evolution from Syride

Sys Evolution


Syride technology for free flight.
Simple, lightweight, powerful.

SYRIDE is a french company who designs, produces and sells innovative flying instruments that permit pilots to analyze,
share and compare their performances.

– SYS’Evolution : flight computer
– SYS’Nav : Altimeter, variometer, G-meter, GPS, Navigation, online flightbook
– SYS’GPS : Altimeter, variometer, G-meter, GPS, online flightbook
– SYS’Alti : Altimeter, variometer, G-meter, online flightbook
– SYS’One : Variometer with sound and light

PRESS RELEASE, Grenoble, France, March 1st 2017 : Syride announces the SYS’Evolution
More than a year, and a lot of prototypes were required to bring the SYS’Evolution to the real world. We
worked hard and pushed forward again our experience and skills in designing instruments for free flight.
First, the specifications were not that simple! After a deep and accurate analysis of pilots needs and
requirements, existing instruments, and last technologies, we had to set ourselves high standards … very high
standards, to keep Syride on top of innovation.

Several major innovations come with the SYS’Evolution. That’s the reason why we’re no more talking about an
“alti-vario gps” or “flying instrument” but a flight computer as it does so much more :


  •  Optimized ergonomics make accessible to any pilot the often complicated use of a tablet in flight. No
    need to be a computer engineer or to read 4 pages of discussions on Internet forums to see your track,
    setup your screen, or navigate through menus.. The software is 100% made by Syride. And as usual, it’s
    simple, intuitive and obvious. The complete life of a pilot can be done with the SYS’Evolution, from his
    first flight to competition.


  •  Features will blow the world away! Its connectivity enables automatic synchronization of flights, flying
    sites information, weather forecast, satellites positions through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. In addition, you will
    be able to see the world in 3D, including airspaces and waypoints, as well as the highly appreciated
    transition assistant with airspaces.


  • High-tech, with its high resolution 6-inch E-ink screen, flight items are readable regardless of the
    viewing angle and sun. It is also the first flying instrument in the world to embed a Multi-GNSS GPS
    chip which is able to receive satellites from several constellations (i.e : GPS, GLONASS, Beidou,
    Galileo) simultaneously.Just try it!
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