Supair harness Delight 2 - light and versatile

Supair harness Delight 2 - light and versatile

The paragliding evolution went from harness standing up like skydiving, to a small piece of wood for the seat. Then we added foam as back protection, and then airbag to save weight and space, the cocoon for performances, etc.
This constant evolution leads us now toward more aerodynamic harnesses, increasing the performances, looking for speed, glide, without giving up on the weight because we like to hike and fly.

Pierre Bouilloux , the founder of Sup’air, other than being a brilliant pilot and pioneer, was the first to develop the design of the harnesses toward more comfort and safety.
So of course with this long history of success, Supair is now at the top of the game on the harness design, and the last Delight 2 is a perfect example of great accomplishment.
The design is an evolution of the Delight 1 largely used during the Xalps 2011

Only 3.6kg (7.9 LBS) in M size, the delight 2 comes with all options like:
– removable speedbag
– 30mn zicral biners
– speedbar 2 level
– reserve connect

The delight 2 has the “hammock” design, but you can add or remove a small carbon seat plate. This harness was designed for the pilots looking for comfort, light weight, passive safety with the 15cm foam back protection and performance with his cocoon made of Lycra.

Versatile, you can also fly without the leg cover, (this will require a foot rest), and with or without the carbon seat plate.
The reserve container is in the lower back allowing a better extraction than a container under the seat. The integrated cockpit will align perfectly, after take off and the installation in the cocoon is very easy without the needs for the pilots hands. The top part of the cockpit is removable (with Velcro) to make it easy to charge all your electronic at once.

Easy to adjust in the air, light and versatile, with the options to add or remove the small board, add or remove the cocoon, this harness is an accomplishment of aesthetic design, weight optimization, performances, and easy customization.

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