Kortel Karre Reserve (Square Steerable)



Kortel Karre Reserve (Square Steerable)

The all-new Kortel Design reserve Parachute, Krisis Karré, brings 3 main innovations compared to its competitors:

The unique design of the Karré generates horizontal speed after opening. This creates lift, and thus to significantly reduces sink rate.

This horizontal speed also brings about a glide ratio around 1.5, allowing the pilot to steer the reserve with the pair of handles, thus avoiding potential obstacles during descent.

The asymmetric shape forces a folding pattern which improves opening speed while keeping folding complexity to a minimum.



The Karré design yields increased stability compared to a conventional hemispheric.

Specific Pod

The pod’s design and the rescue’s low compression inside the pod improves extraction speed, especially with a  rescue pocket in the harnesses


Due to its horizontal speed, the Karre is directable, adding an additional level of safety by avoiding obstacles

Improved sink rate

The horizontal speed of the Karre allows it to develop  lift which greatly improves the sink rate performance


Surface Area Mass (kg) Volume (cm3) Vertical speed Vertical speed  (at mid-range weight) Maximum Takeoff weight Certification
Karre 100 25.2 1.17 3900 4.7 m/s 3.6 m/s (at 70kg) 100 kg EN 12491/LTF
Karre 125 30.7 1.39 4700 4.5 m/s 3.5 m/s (at 85kg) 125 kg
Karré 160 41 1.78 5300 4.5 m/s 3.5 m/s (at 110kg) 160 kg
Karré 220 59.2 2.52 7300 4.5 m/s 3.5 m/s (at 160kg) 220 kg



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Weight 3 lbs

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Kortel Karre Reserve (Square Steerable)


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