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KORTEL K-FLEX the friend of the tandem pilot

The K-Flex is a very innovative basic school and tandem passenger harness! It is adjustable: the seatplate can be altered by 10cm; the seat angle can be corrected; the back support has adjustable length; there are 2 positions for the height of the hang points. It can fit people with a wide range of heights: 150cm to 200cm!

There is no integrated reserve, but you can of coruse mount one using front reserve container. There is a big storage area in the rear. Side handles on each side offer a safe grab point for launch assistants. The chest strap uses high quality AustriAlpin Cobra buckles, and has the traditional anti-forget strap. Underneath, airbag protection is combined with foam and Nitinol to pre-inflate before launch. There’s even a removable, washable skid-sheet on the bottom.

Suitable for all shapes and size of people, heights from 150 to 200 cm.

Multiple use: tandem passenger, slope-school, first big flights…


  • Adjustable back length
  • Adjustable seat width
  • Adjustable dorsal inclination
  • Adjustable height of anchor points
  • Anchor points adjustable in height

  • Adjustable seatplate width

  • Actioncam holder


  • Side handles for take-off aid.
  • Removable cleaning tarpaulin.
  • Anti-forgetful ventral strap.
  • Back pocket (carry bag / various cases).
  • Protection by pre-formed airbag equipped with 2 scoops.

Support Handle

Two special side-handles to to assist in strong wind takeoffs, or to improve the standing to seating transition

Non-forgettable safety chest strap

Once the chest strap is locked, it is impossible to fall out of the harness.

Krashbox Valve

Exclusive system for improving the performance of the small Krashbox volume, specific to the K-Flex.

Self-locking carabiners

40mm self locking carabiners sold as standard



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